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More Cool Clothes!


My Favorite Clothes

These are my favorite jeans. My mom got them for my sister and my sister gave them to me.They are blue and blue is my favorite color.They go with everything. I really like the jeans because they are comfy.

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My Worst Clothes

My worst costume is Barney. Because it look’s dumb. My dad made me wear it. I hate it. I hope I don’t wear it again.

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My Favorite Clothes

This is my favorite skirt. My mom got it for my sister and my sister gave it to me. It is as green as grass. But I can only can wear it on special occasions. I really like this skirt.

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My Worst Clothes

My worst clothes are a Barney costume. My Mom made me wear it. I did not like it so I stayed home.

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My Favorite Clothes

My favorite clothes is a Race Car shirt. I like cars because when Igrow up I want to be a champion. My mom will be very happy.

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My Favorite Clothes

I like this shirt because it goes with my jeans. I like the jeans Because they’re blue. My mom and dad bought them too. I like them a lot. My friends say I look cool.

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My Favorite Clothes
Joshua C.

I have a shirt that I like a lot. It’s a tie die shirt, and has a lot of colors. My mom bought it for me at Target,and I like it a lot!

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My Worst Clothes

I don’t like my purple leggings. My leggings are very, very tight. They bother me when I go somewhere. Sometimes I feel a heart beat on my legs. I wish I never had these  leggings.

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My Favorite Clothes

I own this dress because it’s very pretty. This dress is the prettiest one. It has my favorite color on it. My mom gave it to me. I wish I had two more.

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My Favorite Clothes

I own these clothes. My mom bought them and I like them. They are blue and red. I still have them and the pants are red.


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My Favorite Clothes

I like this shirt because my mom gave it to me. She gave it to me onmy birthday. It is special to me. It is cool because it is red. That is why I like this shirt.

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My Favorite Clothes

My favorite shirt is No Rule`s because it says Ants In Your Pants. I got this shirt up in Reno. Mymom bought it for me. It is my favorite shirt.

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