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Mrs. Gialdini's Third Grade Class
Warwick School
Fremont, California
by Robert Munsch


My Worse Clothes

My worse clothes are jeans and wool. I don’t like jeans because they are too tight. I don’t like wool because it itches. I never like to wear jeans or wool. I will never wear jeans.

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My Favorite Clothes

My Yosemite T-shirt is my favorite T-shirt. It has a fox, raccoon and,a squirrel. It is gray. It has short sleeves. I wish all my T-shirts were like this one.

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My Worst Clothes

I hate my lizard costume. I hate it because it iches. I’m glad all my costumes are not like it. I’m glad I do not have it any more.

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My Worse Clothes

I do not like wearing this pink dress. I do not like the color pink. It is itchy inside. I try to sit a different way but my mom  will say, "Sit properly". When I wear it my mom says it looks pretty on me. I don’t think so!

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My Favorite Clothes

I like my Rams tee shirt. It’s my favorite tee shirt. It feels good and warm. I got my tee shirt from Ross. It’s a cool tee shirt.

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My Worse Clothes

I hate my pink shirt. I hate my pink shirt because I look  ugly in it. I hate all pink shirts. Also my mom made me wear  it when it was too small. I hate pink shirts, do you?

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My Favorite Clothes

I own this dress. It is purple and nice. My mom bought it for me.This is my favorite dress. I like this dress. I wish all my dresses looked like this one.

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My Worse Clothes

I hate wool because it itches. I got a sweater for my birthday. One day it made me sick. I had to take some medicine. I was sick for five days. I threw it away.

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My Favorite Clothes

I like to wear my dress.. It is black and it has flowers on it. I wear it all the time. It’s special to me. My sister  has the same one.

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My Favorite Clothes

I own a teeshirt that is very pretty. It has purple and blackstripes. I wear it whenever I can. My teeshirt is very,very soft. My Mom got it for me from the store.

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My Worse Clothes

I do not like wearing my rainbow dress. It is itchy in the dress. My mom makes me wear it. It drives me crazy. My mom says it’s pretty. I do not like it at all. It makes me sweaty and hot.

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My Favorite Clothes

This is my favorite clothes. I like these clothes because they have flowers on them. They have my favorite colors too. I like it because it does not itch. I like these clothes.

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My Favorite Clothes

This is my favorite dress. I like this dress because it has the  color pink. It has different kinds of circles. It has my favorite   color. This is my favorite clothes.

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My Favorite Clothes

I like this shirt because I like wrestling. My mom gave me it to me for my birthday. It has NWO which is my favorite team. It’s red and black. I really like this shirt!

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My Favorite Clothes

My favorite clothes is no rules because it says spider in your pants. My mom bought it in Ross. You know why I buy it. My clothes are cool.

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