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Mrs. Powell & Mrs. Rice
Grade 2
Endy Elementary  School
Albemarle, North Carolina

The Mitten
retold by Jan Brett

Our class just finished reading "The Mitten" for the first time. We talked about what the main character did outside in the snow and then brainstormed some things we like to do in the snow. Here are some of our favorite activities:

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I like to throw snowballs and have snowball fights.
by Clint

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I like to play in the snow with my friends.
by Grayson

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I like to build snowmen after it snows.
by Heather

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I like to go sledding with my friends.
by Kathleen

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I like to go up tall hills and sled down them.
by Katie

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I can build a snowman in the snow.
by Louie

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I like it when it snows. I can build a snowman.
by Raeann

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When it snows I go out and build snowmen.
by Sarah Jane

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I like to have snowball fights with my brother when it snows.
by Scott

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If it snows at my house I go out and build a snowman.
by Chris


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