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Miss Brown's Second Grade Class
T. Baldwin Demarest School
Old Tappan, New Jersey
The Hat
by Jan Brett


Each student chose and created their own project based on our author study of Jan Brett and inspired by our favorite book written by her: The Hat.  
We hope you enjoy our individual and whole class projects!  Please e-mail us with any comments or questions about our work!

Beginning, Middle, End


One day Hedgie the hedgehog walked under a clothesline and found a sock that had fallen.  He poked his nose in and it got stuck on his head.

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All the different animals came by and laughed at the hat on Hedgie.

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Then Hedgie took his hat off.  Then all the other animals were wearing hats too.

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By Michelle


Dear Friend,
You should read The Hat because it is a good book and I like to read it because it has good illustrations.  The Hat has cute animals in it like a hedgehog, a horse, a cat and other animals.  The Hat is by Jan Brett and she has a pet hedgehog!
Amanda M.

Read The Hat!

You should read The Hat because it is a fun story to read.   There are very neat pictures in this book.  There are funny parts in the story, like when everyone wants a hat and at the end everyone has a hat!  The author is Jan Brett.  Check this book out!

by Stefan

Read The Hat!

It is a really great book.  This book is about a hedgehog named Hedgie.  He has a stocking of a little girl get stuck on his head, so he calls it a hat.  His animal friends laugh at him, but then they want a hat too.  At the end, Hedgie makes fun of the animals when they do get hats!  It's a really great book, trust me it is!   It's a really great book and you should read it! You can get this book at the library, it is written by Jan Brett.

by Alexandra

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Hedgehog Facts

We did a bit of HEDGEHOG research, and these are our ‘top ten’ favorite hedgehog facts:

10.Hedgehogs are nicknamed ‘hedgies’.

9. Hedgehogs are related to shrews and moles. Hedgehogs look somewhat like porcupines.

8. The belly, face and legs of hedgehogs are covered with soft fur.

7. Hedgehogs can make all kinds of sounds! They can make sneezing, snorting and even clicking sounds!! When they are frightened they squeal. They make purring sounds when something is interesting to them.

6. Baby hedgehogs are called ‘hoglets’.

5. Hedgehogs hibernate during the winter.

4. The most unusual habit of a hedgehog is rolling itself up into a ball. This prickly ‘ball’ has spikes standing out in every direction; its face, tail and feet are tucked out of sight when they do this. The hedgie does this to protect itself.

3. The hedgehog is a nocturnal animal. This means that it sleeps during the day and is awake and active during the night.

2. The most commonly used hedgehog pet used in the United States is the White-bellied Hedgehog.

1. The hedgehog is a small mammal with an armor of spikes which it uses to protect itself.

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Illustrated by Julia


Character Posters

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by Jake


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by Corienne

Venn Diagram


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by  Sal