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by Jan Brett

A Reader’s Theatre Script Adapted
by Miss Brown’s Second Grade Class

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artist: Mimi


Readers- Four
Mother Hen
Mother Hen’s Chicks
Barn Cat
Farm Dog
Farm Dog’s Puppies
Mama Pig
Mama Pig’s Piglets


Reader One: Good afternoon, and welcome to 2B’s performance of Jan Brett’s
super book "The Hat". We hope you enjoy our play.

Reader Two: Winter was on the way.

Lisa: I think I will take my wool clothes out of the chest and hang them outside in the fresh air. (Lisa carries a heap of clothes to clothesline outside and hangs them up.)

Reader Three: As Lisa was hanging her clothes up in the fresh air, a strong wind blew one of her stockings off the line. She was so busy hanging her other clothes... I don’t think she noticed.

Reader Four: Along came Hedgie...

Hedgie: Sniff, snuff, sniff, snuff. Hmmmm. I wonder what this thing is?

Reader One:  Curious Hedgie poked his nose in... and when he pulled it out, the stocking was stuck on his prickles!

Hedgie:  Oh dear! It is stuck on my prickles! HOW EMBARRASSING!!

Reader Two:  The mother hen came by and saw Hedgie.

Mother Hen:  Cackle, cackle. (She cackled and laughed.) What is that on your head, Hedgie??

Hedgie: Why, it is my new hat. Isn’t it beautiful?

Reader Three: The mother hen cocked her head to one side. She seemed to have an idea. The mother hen quickly ran off.

Reader Four: Along came the noisy gander.

Gander: HONK, HONK! Ho, ho, ho! (The gander laughed.) LOOK AT THAT! The hedgehog has flipped his gizzard!

Hedgie: Laugh today, Gander. But tomorrow when it rains, my hat will keep me dry.

Reader One: The gander thought for a moment. Then off he ran.

Reader Two: The barn cat was watching from behind a tree as Hedgie tugged a

bit at his stocking.

Barn Cat: MEOW. What a silly-looking hedgehog you are, with that thing on your head.

Hedgie: But my ears will be warm in a snowstorm.

Barn Cat: Hmmmmmmmm.

Reader Three: The cat purred and then off he ran.

Reader Four: The farm dog came along next.

Farm Dog: Hedgie, is that a hat you are wearing? How funny you look! (She giggled)

Hedgie: But I’ll be cozy and dry when it snows.

Reader One: The farm dog’s ears perked up at what Hedgie said and off she ran.

Reader Two: Hedgie came across the Mama Pig next.

Mama Pig: OINK. OINK-OINK. What are you up to, Hedgie?

Hedgie: Making sure my hat doesn’t fall off if any icy wind blows up!

Mama Pig: Oh, I see.

Reader Two: And off the pig ran.

Reader Three: Along came the pony, snorting as he looked at Hedgie.

Pony:  Hedgie, what is that ridiculous thing on your head?

Reader Four:  The pony’s snorting got to Hedgie. THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW.

Hedgie:  It is my hat, OF COURSE. Don’t you know that everyone should wear a hat in winter when it is cold and snowy!?

Reader One: The pony was startled. Hedgie was usually so friendly.  She ran off.

Reader Two: Poor Hedgie, he just wanted to be alone. he was tired of everyone laughing at him, and with this thing on his head, he wouldn’t even fit in his den.

Reader Three: As Hedgie walked off, he didn’t see Lisa coming after him... with the other stocking in her hand.

Lisa: Come back you silly hedgehog!

Hedgie:  Oh no. Even that girl is laughing at me!

Reader Four: Lisa caught up and pulled her stocking off Hedgie’s head.

Lisa: You ridiculous hedgehog. (Lisa laughs.)

Don’t you know that animals don’t wear clothes!

Reader Two:  Hedgie headed for his den, and Lisa started back toward the clothesline.

Reader Three: That is when she noticed all of her missing woolens.

Reader Four: The animals had taken them and each one was thinking...


Reader One:  Lisa was still chasing them when Hedgie reached his den.

Hedgie:  How ridiculous they all look! Don’t they know that animals should never wear clothes!

ALL Readers: And that is the end of The Hat.