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Group Projects

Children love to work in cooperative groups. On this page you will see some group projects done by my students as well as other students in the Clinton Avenue School.

We spent two weeks doing a unit on whales. Several children created dioramas during their free time. If you would like to see their projects click on the images.


Bird Report

By Ariel and Meehyun

Mrs.Silverman's Class

Birds are the only animals that have feathers. They have wings to fly. They will spread oil on their feathers. Some birds fly south for the winter and others stay for the winter. So if you cut down trees you are killing owls and some other birds that live in the forest. So get a bird feeder because you can see birds every morning.

The End of Henny Penny

By Scott and John

Mrs.Silverman's Class

"Where are you going (Foxy Loxy takes a deep breath) Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey, Turkey Lurkey, Doggy Loggy, Funny Bunny, Lizzard Pizzard, Rooster Booster, Sabit Rabit, Honkey Donkey, Fishy Swishy, Sharky Farkey, Peter Cheetah, Piggy Wiggy, Sneaky Snakey, Horsey Porsey, Hurdle Turtle, Shino Rhino, Faty Caty, Chaty Baty, Flaty Raty, Slippo Hippo, Faily Whaley, Cerdy Birky,, and Snugy Buggy," said Foxy Loxy, We are going to the king because the sky is falling." said the animals. Well, I know a short cut." said Foxy Loxy. So the animals followed Foxy Loxy into a cave, but they never came out! So they never saw the king and the sky never came down. Plus Foxy Loxy had a good dinner. The End

Nate and Jonathan created this in Kid Pix Studio

Three-toed Sloths

By Leanne and John

Mrs.Silverman's Class

Three toed sloths live in the rainforest. They eat leaves, fruit, and flower buds. They are two feet long, plus his or her tail which is three inches. Sloths live in the rainforest and are the slowest moving mammals on earth.


By Ariel and Meehyun

Mrs.Silverman's Class

The Tree Frog

By Lizzie and Christina

Mrs.Silverman's Class

My students did this shark project in art class.