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Love Is

By Eric T. grade 1

Love means caring
Being kind and sharing
Love means giving, listening
And being a friend
Love is the best gift anyone can have.

Love Is

By Bobby H. grade 1

Love is helping our world
Love is keeping the animals safe
Love is planting trees for air
Love is loving our families
Love is keeping our promises
Love is loving God's family.

Love Is

By Madeline grade 2

Love is a shine of a little star
Love is a beautiful person who is great to you
Love is a school that likes you
Love is peace and quiet
Love is a joyful world that is great
Love is your partner who is friendly and kind
Love is a mom who is good and sweet to you.

Love Is

By Stephanie grade 2

Love to me is peace and happiness for everyone on earth including animals and bugs. Love is for everyone to be caring and loving to things on earth.

Love Is

By Kylynn S. grade 3

Love is caring
Love is kind
True love gives me peace of mind
Never selfish
Never cruel
Love is laughter, being a friend
Understanding to the end
Always giving of yourself
To me that is what love is all about.

Love Is

By Zachary R. grade 3

Love is peace and harmony
Across the land and to the sea
Love is the feeling of warmth inside
All people should share it
The whole world wide

Love is not hatred or segregation
We shall share it throughout the nation
Love is God, family, friends, and brotherhood
It isn't bad
It's very, very good

Love isn't hurting one another
Love is playing with each other
Love was made for you and me to share
We wouldn't want it to tear.

Love Is

By Owen H. grade 4

Love is an emotion.
a feeling of devotion.

Love is a kind of happiness
that hides deep inside.
Love can be shared with a friend
on our favorite ride.

Love can be seen in friendly smiles.
Love can be in a letter
mailed one million miles.

Love is the warmth of a hug
from Mom and Dad,
Love is something that somehow turns
sad to glad!

Love can be found in a
simple tune,
shared beneath the stars and
the moon.

Love can be in so many things,
Everyone loves the good feelings
that it brings!

Love Is

By Alexandra L. grade 4

The meaning of love
is when two people
are a little above
good friends
It also is
a powerful emotion
when one is given
one's devotion
That is love.

Love Is

By Michelle M. grade 4

Love is like hair, it never stops growing. On Valentine's Day you give cards to the ones you love. Valentine's Day spreads all around. Just like Cupid who shoots arrows all around. Even if it's not Valentine's Day love stays within you every day.

Love Is

By Tami G. grade 4

Love is a feeling you can't escape from
Sometimes it's a feeling you can't explain
Sometimes love brings joy to your heart
When family and friends all take part
When you are giving, loving, and kind
You'll always have love inside your mind.

Love Is

By Jessica L. grade 5

Love is like a kiss
It's something you'll miss
You'll be happy with love
You'll be sad with love
And you'll love to be loved

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