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Save Our Earth

By John D. grade 2

Without the water, without the trees
Everyone in the world will drop to their knees
Without the birds, without the seeds
We won't have growth to help our needs.
Here's a question we all can share-
Can we change things now, before we are there?

Save Our Earth

By Michael D. grade 2

We must save our earth
That's what we must do
The seas are not green
The air is not clean
We must save energy
It will be a better place for you and me.

Save Our Earth

By Natalie P. grade 2

To save our earth we
must try
to keep the earth
Do you know why?
If we keep dumping
in the sea and air
we won't be able to live
So take care of the
because it is true
that the earth belongs
to me and you!

Save Our Earth

By Bryan C. grade 2

Save the birds,
Stop the pollution,
Save the waters,
Save the trees,
Stop littering,
Stop the smoke,
Help our land,
Help the air,
Please keep our earth in your hands.

Save Our Earth

By Lauren D. grade 2

Save the earth by not throwing trash. Don't pollute our waters. Do not run the water when you brush your teeth. Shut the water off when you are not using it. Don't put your light on in the day because you have light from the sun. Do you want to save the earth?

Save Our Earth

By Steven W. grade 4

Pollution is very bad. It pollutes the waters and air, and the land. Pollution kills air, land, and sea animals, like the American Bald Eagle, dolphins, and alligators. Pollution is made from toxic gasses from factories and cars. Pollution can also kill humans. It gets into the water and people drink it. Pollution is poisionous. We can stop pollution by keeping the earth clean. We can recycle newspapers and glass, and stop littering.

Save Our Earth

By Allison M. grade 5

Save our Earth,
It's where we live.
Don't abuse it,
It must last forever.

It gives us lost of special days,
like winter, spring, summer and fall.
We must save our Earth,
since the Earth gave us our birth.

Earth is where we all grew up,
We'd like to raise our families here.
If we aren't careful,
It might disappear.

We must not pollute,
and be energy wise.
We must conserve everything,
before we use up our supplies.
I want to raise my family here,
I don't want Earth to disappear.

Save Our Earth

By Brian G. grade 5

Our Earth is clogged with pollution
We make more everyday

We dump garbage into the rivers and the ocean
We think it is OK

This pollution has caused a hole in the O-Zone layer
Soon the Poles might melt and create a waterworld

Our factories are pumping smoke and smog
New York is a fine example

We must keep this beautiful planet clean
Or else we won't have it long

Save Our Earth

By Alex C. grade 5

Earth Day is a great time of the year
Everyone celebrates far and near.

For our Earth is not a game
When it's gone who's to blame?

Oxygen and air far and wide
Men cutting down trees with no pride.

Animals giving us beauty and grace
So we should save them in a haste.
The Ozone Layer is slowly decaying
So pretty soon we will be paying.

Water is a great big part of the puzzle
When you're thirsty it's good to guzzle.

Crispy leaves falling to the Earth
Mother Nature's giving birth.

The sun is shining all a glow
In the winter it will snow.

Drippy puddles on the ground
Kids are jumping all around.

Earth Day pleases many in every way
But it should be like this every day!!!

Save Our Earth

By Christine P. grade 5

Earth day is a real important day for the community. Earth day is great because it helps the environment and stops everybody from polluting. Pollution ruins our earth and destroys plants, animals, and water.

If I can do anything to save nature, I would put signs all over the town. I would put trash cans on almost every block in Port Jefferson Station and Coram. Earth day is all about keeping our community clean.

Trees are very important because animals live in them and trees live on the earth. Leaves give us oxygen for humans and animals to survive.

All the pollution the earth is eating can harm it. So take care of the earth and the earth will take care of you.

Save Our Earth

By Jennifer G. grade 5

Earth Day is on its way.
We help and clean on a sunny day.

We recycle cans.
Clean some pans.

We save some plants.
For the tiny little ants.

We clean the glass.
Cut the grass.

There's beautiful trees.
And animals running free.

When the sunny days over.
Then I'll get my four leaf clover.

Save Our Earth

By Tom S. grade 5

The pollution is rising high into the air,
Soon it will put a hole in the ozone layer.

If you keep your grass nice and clean,
Maybe it will stay nice and green.

The cleanest things are the trees,
One thing that loves them are the bees.

The garbage is flowing into the ocean,
Causing a lot of crazy commotion.

We must lower the noise pollution,
Or we have to find a good solution.

The litter is falling onto the ground,
If we don't do something it will be a big mound.

We must do something very soon,
If you want to see the full moon.

Save Our Earth

By Jacqueline F. grade 5

Earth Day, Earth Day, we have to put in lots of care
Haven't you noticed all the pollution in the air?

Everyday and everywhere, people throw bottles and glass
How would you like it if you found it all over your grass?

When you're done drinking from a can, you like to give it a slaughter
But if you recycle five of them, you will get a quarter

Water is also something we need to improve
It's like we'll be drinking poision unless you move

Noise pollution is also very, very bad
Don't use too many airplanes or I'll be very, very sad

By looking around you might become sick
But if you help the environment it will look fantastic

Earth Day is a day that we care
So you better clean up and do your share.

Save Our Earth

By Owen E. grade 5

Earth is really a bad place to lose
Always hear about pollution on the news.

Smoke is rising in the air.
Putting a hole in the ozone layer.

Noise is a bad pollution too.
It could sometimes happen in the zoo.

Recycle all cans, glasses, and plastics.
Then the world would look fantastic.

Animals are being killed in the ocean.
Pollution causes so much commotion.

Get a crew to stop pollution.
That would be a very good solution.

Earth is a really bad place to lose.
Soon you won't hear about pollution on the news.

Save Our Earth

By Joseph C. grade 5

Earth Day is important for people who care
nobody wants to pollute the air.

We need to recycle plastic, cans, and glass
we will learn how to in class.

We can't throw garbage anywhere
for the garbage will poison the air.

We celebrate Earth Day this April 22
so the woodpeckers can peck every second.

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