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The Lonely Wolf

Once upon a time there lived a lonely boy. One day the boy went looking for food. On the way he found a lonely wolf. The boy picked him up. He wondered if the wolf's family had died so he took him home. He took good care of him. The wolf wasn't lonely and the boy wasn't lonely either. The next day when the wolf went hunting he met another wolf. They became friends. When the wolf came home with the other wolf the other wolf growled at the boy. The wolf said to the other wolf don't worry, he is my friend. The other wolf calmed down. When the other wolf got used to the boy, the boy tried making a toy for both wolves. He worked really hard. Finally he made bones for them. They liked them a lot. In fact, they liked them so much they ate three of them a day. Then he made other things like a wooden ball, and houses for them. The wolves liked their houses. One day a miracle occurred. The wolves had three pups. When they grew up they were good hunters. And they lived happily ever after.

My Dog Odie

Hello! My name is Billy. I used to have a dog named Odie but he died. Now I got a new dog. It is a cockerspaniel. It's name is Daisy. Daisy is crazy! Odie was calm. I miss Odie.

Whale Unit

When we learned about whales Mrs.Silverman brought in her sculptured whale named Splash. Randy Pucket was the artist that made Splash. We read a letter about whales and it was called "A Letter From a Blue Whale." It had a lot of facts on it. One fact is that whales are still being killed in Iceland. The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world. Today we watched a video on whales. It had the most caring people in it. These were the people from GreenPeace who risked their lives to save whales. They came in small boats to stop the people on big boats from killing whales.


M is for the maracas they play
E is for the enormous ancient ruins
X is for the xenops a tiny little bird
I is for the i in fiesta
C is for the corn they grow
O is for the oil that they have


Peace is a place
Where people don't kill
Don't fight, make slaves, and curse
Peace is a place
Where people love
Take care
Free animals
Quiet and happiness
Can you make the world peaceful?

My Starry Bear Tale

Once there were two naughty bears and their mom told them not to go in an old house. But the bears ignored her and went in. Along came a wrecking ball. The two bears jumped up and when it came back the bears landed on it. When it went the other way the two bears went flying off and got stuck in the stars forever.

The Magic Shark

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jimmy. One day Jimmy went scuba diving. But by accident he ran out of air. A shark tried to save him. The boy was afraid of sharks. It was too late. Jimmy died. The shark swam over to Jimmy and put his head on him. Magical golden stars flashed at him. It was a miracle. Jimmy was alive!

Apples, Apples

Apples, apples everywhere
Apples, apples in the air
Apples, apples on my shirt
Apples, apples on the earth.


Hi! I'm Billy. I like basketball a lot. Everyday at recess I play basketball. I don't get it in very often.