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Scott created this in Kid Pix Studio.

The Egg

Once upon a time I found a dinosaur egg and out came a tiny Triceratops! Following the Triceratops were 18 others. Then came some tiny Brontosauruses. Nine to be exact. Then came 20 little Ankleasaurus and 13 little Stegosaurus' Following them was 24 teeny T-Rexes and 30 teeny Velociraptors. Next, were 19 short Pachycephalosaurus' and 39 short Iguanodons. After them there were 25 smallish Deinonychus and 18 smallish Styracosaurus' After them there were 32 miniature Saltasaurus' and finally 39 miniature Pteranodons. It's a petite Dino parade! I shouted as all the dinosaurs walked down a dusty path into the woods.

My Dead Goldfish

Hello, my name is Scott. I used to have some goldfish. I got them when I was about three. It happened when my dad came home from a meeting and he had about eight goldfish. Many of them died in about three months. One of them lived about three years, which is a pretty long time for a fish. His name was Squirmy.


I hope I can visit China one day,

China would be a nice place to stay.

I hope I'll see a Panda around,

On New Year's Eve there's money to be found.

I would visit the Great Wall there,

I would like to see a Chinese Wedding Chair.


M is for the Mayan people
E is for the Emperor Montezuma
X is for the extinction of the Aztec Empire
I is for the iguana that lives in Mexico
C is for the Carribbean Islands that are near Mexico
O is for the oceans that surround Mexico


I am a bird, as free as can be. But I wasn't always free and peaceful. I used to live in a cage with bad food and bad water. But now I am living nice and peaceful and so will my grandchildren.

Underground Railroad

If I were a slave I would take the chance of running away because Moses led his people out of Egypt safely. It was a miracle. My escape plan is when I can stop picking cotton I will cover my scent with mud and wash it with water. Then I will run around to confuse the dogs. Next I would climb a tree so the dogs will think I was up there. Last I would go to the meeting place early and stand next to the conductor.

The Shark Tooth Fairy

One day Jaws the shark was eating squid. When he took a bite his tooth fell out. That night Jaws put his tooth under his pillow and went to sleep. The shark tooth fairy took the tooth and gave him three gold coins. That morning Jaws found the coins and he was happy.

My Favorite Stuffed Animal

When I was three years old my favorite stuffed animal was a dolphin. I called my dolphin Flipper. I carried Flipper wherever I went. One day I got a stuffed whale. I called it Willy, but Flipper was still my favorite.


In class we were trying to get a light bulb to work. I figured to try sides of the battery, a negative and positive and neither one worked. So I decided to use both sides at the same time and it still didn't work. That's when I discovered that there was a white spot so I used the negative and positive with the steel cable I used, I wrapped around the light bulb. Then I saw a light and yelled "I did it!"


Today in class we did a great experiment! We used glue, water, and something called mystery matter. I call my experiment Sam. Sam is cool. I like Sam. He used to be a liquid then an interaction turned him into a solid. But he was never a gas!


Hi! My name is Scott. I am 7. I have a sister named Sarah and a mom and dad. Sarah is 4. I am a boy. I am Hebrew. I am in 2nd grade and my sister is in preschool. My parents are both teachers. Goodbye.