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Nicholas's Home Page

Nicholas did this in Kid Pix Studio.

Our Whale Unit

Some of the things I liked about whales were when they breeched, when they blew the water out of their blowholes, and when they ate the plankton. I was very sad when whales were being killed. It made me happy to see the baby whales jumping. I wish one would jump at me. I like whales, and I'm glad I learned about them.

My Dream

When I grow up I want to be a construction worker. I dream about me driving all different kinds of bulldozers. I would like to push and lift the dirt and make big piles of dirt. I would like to dig a big hole. Then I would like to build a house like Victor did for us.

Victor is my hero because he built my house. When I grow up he is going to give me hints on how to build a house. I would like to be like Victor when I grow up. My favorite truck is a dumptruck.

A New Ending to Humpty Dumpty

All the king's horses and all the king's men
Did not put Humpty together again!
But then he goes back on the wall again.
He falls off again.
Then he is together again.
He goes someplace else and sits on a low wall.
He falls off and never breaks again!