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John and the Wolf

Long, long ago there was a cave boy. His name was John. John was in the forest and he spotted a wolf. Then he trapped it and brought it home. He took good care of that wolf. Then when other people heard the news they did the same thing.

My Pet Pony

I have a pet pony. His name is Buddy. I feed him and ride him every Friday or Saturday. Sometimes I get mad at Buddy but he does not mind. He is also a grandfather but I don't know where his children are. He eats fresh carrots, grain, hay, or stale carrots. He is very old and very nice.

Flying Rainbow Bird

Once upon a time there lived a mother rainbow bird. She had five hatchlings. Their names were Brian, Samentha, Chris, Little Feet, and Rainbow Bird. It was quickly becoming winter. Mother bird taught here babies how to fly. Rainbow Bird did not waste his time learning how to fly.

When it was winter, his parent wasn't at their nest. Rainbow Bird was cold. He called other birds to help him. The winter birds came to help him. They found some clothes on the ground. Then they picked one up. Next, they put some clothes on Rainbow Bird. After that they flied him south. Then he saw his family flying in the air. He joined them. Then, he saw that he had learned to fly when the winter birds flew him south. His family was very happy to see him fly. So, Rainbow Bird was never lazy again.


P How we might care for our planet
E Everybody should be treated right
A Animals should not be killed just for fur
C Caring for our earth
E People should treat people equally

Bat Research

It was amazing when they said one single little brown bat can eat up to 600 mosquitoes. I could not believe that only one female bat could have just one baby each year. They even said that if you cover a bat's ear it will bump into things. Bats use echolocation to catch food to eat. Only if we take care of bats we will be fine.


School is a nice place because we learn math and reading. We have nice teachers and make friends. And it's fun !