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The Killer Whale

I like the killer whale the best. The killer whale eats other mammals. The killer whale doesn't have baleen. Killer whales have a fake eye. They have another name which is Orca. I went to Sea World and I saw a show. The show was about a killer whale named Shamu.

If I Could Go To Mexico

If I could go to Mexico I would visit the ruins. Some are over one thousand years old. They are still for us to see. I would also want to go diving to see the pretty fish. I would like to go to a fiesta and have Mexican food. I would like to see the whales in Baja.

My Heroine

My grandma is a nurse. She works in the recovery room which is the wakeup room. Nurses give shots and draw blood. I will have to go in the operating room on January 17, 1997. Nurses take the patient's temperature. My grandma put me on a bed and showed me the four operating rooms. After the people have their operations my grandma wakes them up. If the patients don't feel well she helps them. This is why my grandma is my heroine.


A shark's body isn't made from bone. It is made from cartilage. Cartilage is what you have on the tip of your nose. Sharks live by many coral reefs. Some sharks swim at least one hundred thirty feet below the surface. Some sharks swin at one hundred feet below the surface. Isn't that deep?

Some people catch sharks to cut off their fins and then they throw them back in the sea to die. They use the fins for shark fin soup but it is not for me.

Native Americans

Native Americans that lived in the Northeast lived in wigwams and longhouses. A longhouse is very long and can fit several families. The Great Plains Native Americans hunted buffalo. Native Americans carved canoes out of trees. They made arrow heads out of stones.

Purple Wampum Beads

Bat Research

I learned a lot about bat facts. The thing I found most interesting about bats is that a single brown bat can catch 600 mosquitoes in just one hour. I find this amazing since I can't even catch one mosquito in an hour!

An Apple

The seeds are from a core. A core is from an apple. An apple is from a tree. A tree is from a grove. An apple can be red or green but most of all they are delicious.