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Kristie's Home Page

My Pet

My pet's name is Sassie. Sassie likes to lay on top of my bed at night. My cat likes to play with her toy mice and string. When my family and I walk in the house she runs down the stairs and lays on the floor. I pretend that my fingers are a spider and my cat goes after my hand. Sassie is furry, cute, kind, and funny. When I put the water on Sassie goes in the sink and doesn't care if she gets wet. Sassie once ran away but my brother Thomas found her in the garage. I was really happy. I LOVE MY CAT SASSIE!

Our Whale Unit

I learned that some people risked their lives to stop other people from killing whales. They were called Greenpeace. I learned that the right whales were the slowest whales. That's why the people killed them. I learned that when the mommy whales have babies they have to wait until two years to have another baby. I learned that some of the things they killed whales for were lipstick, whale meat, pet food, and wax. I learned that whales are mammals and not fish. I learned that the blue whale is the biggest whale but the sperm whale is the biggest toothed whales. I learned that dolphins are whales. I liked when the baby whales drank milk from their mothers. I also liked when the whales breeched. I loved learning about whales. It was nice, fun, and neat.

Lon Po Po

A Red- Riding Hood Story From China

L is for lying, what the wolf tried to do
O is for our hands that were slippery too
N is for the nasty wolf
P is for the Po Po he tried to be
O is for Oops! We dropped the wolf
P is for the sister Paotze
O is for the O in Po Po

My Three Wishes

If I had three wishes I would wish for a rainbow fish. I would wish that my cat won't eat my fish and I would spend two, three, or four days at Mexico with my cat and my fish. I would look at what my fish does. I would play with my cat so she doesn't try to eat the fish. In Mexico I would go places with my cat and my fish. I would bring my two pets with me when I go to see the ruins.

The Boy Who Saved The Sharks

Once upon a time there lived two sharks. One day, they swam to the bottom of the ocean to look for shells. They found very pretty shells there. But one day they both got caught in a net. But they were very lucky because a boy saved them. They were very happy to be saved by the boy.


Today in class we did a science experiment. When we put the straw in the cup and we blew threw the straw the water turned from blue to yellow. If you want to make this you need a cup of water, bromothymol blue and a straw.

Sara and the Beanstalk
( Inspired by the Stinky Cheese Man )

Sara had to go to bed so she put the magic beans outside. The next morning Sara looked outside. And she saw a beanstalk. Sara went outside to climb the beanstalk. When she got to the top she saw a giant. Sara and the giant climbed down the beanstalk and they got to the end. The giant asked Sara to be his friend. She said okay and they went out to play.

The End


Mommy's apple pie is baking. Mmmmmmmm it smells sooooo good! I wish I could sneak a piece but an angel never would. I know I am an angel cause daddy tells me so. But apple pie is my favorite.....Ready or not, here I go!!! YUMMY!!!