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The Boy and the Wolf

One day in the year 1,000 there was a boy named James. He was an only child. He met a lone wolf who left his pack. James took the wolf home. He became friends with the wolf. Everybody started to do this. That's how the first dog became a dog.

I Wish I Had a Snake

I wish I had a snake because I would be the coolest kid on the block. Everybody on my block would want to see it. My snake's name would be Joe. I used to have a dog, but she died. Her name was Chrissy. My brother and I loved her. I miss her! My name is Keith L.

The Killer Whale

I like the killer whale the best.The white spot on the killer whale is not the eye. The eye is right below it. The killer whale will attack even the biggest sea creatures. It will even attack the blue whale!

The Hungry Wolf

Inspired by Lon Po Po ( A Red-Riding Hood Story From China)

If I were the wolf I would trick them by pretending that I was a puppy. I took a pill that made me look like a puppy. I went to the park where the girls were. I ran to the girls looking lost and hungry. They took me home and took care of me. Then one day I changed into the hungry wolf! The girls ran for their lives! Today I'm still the hungry wolf.


My Hero

My hero is my dad. My dad is the best! He is smart, funny, full of surprises and does a lot of neat things for me and my brother. I will tell you some cool things he does in this story. My dad is my hero because he does all sorts of great things. One day he picked me up early from school. He bought me some baseball stuff and took me to the batting range. My dad is the one who always fixes my flat bike tires. He will surprise me and my brother and take us to the high school football game. He teaches me all sorts of things. My big dream in life is to be an accountant just like my dad. I want to learn about money. I think I can be an accountant like my dad because I am very good with math and numbers. Plus, I will be makig a lot of money when I get older. My dad is a loving, kind and great person. He is very brave and I know if anything is wrong my dad can make it right. This is why my dad is my hero!


S is for the sea where sharks live and play
H is for hammerhead that hunts all day
A is for attack... sharks can see from the size
R is for the rock where the prey better hide
K is for Keith that likes sharks very much
S is for the shark who I don't want to touch

Trouble In The Sea

One day there was a storm in the sea. The waves got very high. All of a sudden it was pitch black. The animals couldn't see the other fish around them. Then a shark came and saved them from bumping into coral or bumping into each other. Then the storm cleared up.

My Starry Bear Tale

One day there were some bad guys who were painting the town red. One of the bad guys spilled some red paint on a bear. Then they got an idea. One of the guys got a bull. When the bull saw the red paint on the bears he started to charge at the bear. When the bull hit the bears they went very high. The bears went so high that they got stuck in the sky. The bears couldn't get down from the sky because they didn't know how to get down from them.


Today in class we did a science experiment. We made this slimy stuff with glue, water, and mystery matter (which is laundry detergent). Then an interaction changed the liquid into a solid. So that's how we got this gacky stuff.

Peru Travel Brochure

There are lots of mountains. The people in Peru are small. Peru is in South America. There are llamas, vicunas, and alpacas. Peru is next to Brasil. You can see the Inca ruins and the quipu is to remind the messengers what to tell the people of the village.