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Kathleen and the Pup

One day in 1321 a cave girl named Kathleen heard a pounding noise outside her cave. She wondered what it was. She said to herself, "Should I go out and see?" She went out. It was a pup. The pup was shivering. The girl felt sorry for the pup. She brought him in and raised him. That is how a wolf became a dog.

My Pet

Hi, my name is Kathleen. I have a turtle named Bicycle. Sometimes I take him out of his tank and put him on the floor. Then he runs around the room. But the fun ends and I have to put him back in his cage. My grandma loves him so much that everytime she comes over she says "Hi" to him.

Our Whale Unit

When we started this whale unit I did not know how many different kinds of whales there were. There's the sperm, the fin, the beluga, the bowhead, the grey, the right, the humpback, and there is a whole lot more too. I love Greenpeace for risking their lives to save whales. I think it is so cruel to go out into the sea and harpoon a whale.
I remember one of my favorite whale stories was about a little girl that lived by the ocean and watched the whales day and night. One night her grandmother told her to give the whales a gift and that she would get a gift in return. She gave the whale a shell and that night she heard the whale call her name. That was her gift. I want to thank Mrs. Silverman for this great whale unit!

My Dream

One day I was watching News 12 and I saw a lot of violence and no peace. So I said to myself Why don't I make a change? So I sat down and thought what I could do because I can't give speeches or talk to the president. Then I had a great idea. I will start my own webshow about love and peace. The webshow could show people to love and respect other people. I hope it will be a success!

Endangered Animals

Animals are in danger because people are killing them. Some people pollute the water with balloons. People hang balloons from their mailboxes and let them fly away. Some balloons land in the water. Some sea turtles eat jellyfish. A turtle thinks a balloon is a jellyfish and eats it. The balloon gets stuck in the turtle's throat and it dies. Fishing nets can trap turtles. If a fisherman puts a trap door in the net the turtle can escape. Elephants are endangered because they are hunted for their ivory and because of destruction of habitats.

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Peru Travel Brochure

Peru has the beautiful Andes Mountains. You can see llamas and vicunas. Peru has buildings made with bare hands. In Peru they have good food!