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Elizabeth's Home Page

The First Pet Dog

Long ago there was a girl named Julie. She was sitting around at a fire. Then she left and forgot her leftovers. When she went back she saw a wolf eating the food. She brought him home and raised him. He was the first dog.

My Dream Pet

Hi! My name is Lizzie. I want a puppy. If I got one I would name her Princess. I would get her a golden collar. On rainy weekends I would play with Princess all day. I would also build her a very pretty doghouse. I would hope that she would have puppies.


Penguins have wings which they use for swimming. Their diet is krill, squid, and fish. The Emperor daddy penguin holds the egg between his feet and won't eat during this time. Instead of walking sometimes they slide on their bellys. When a lot of penguins huddle it is called a creche. A place where penguins build their nests is called a rookery. When penguins pop out of the water it is called porpoising. Most penguins live in Antarctica and the SouthPole. The Macaroni Penguin got its name by the orange feathers on its head.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln lived in a log cabin. When Abe was old enough to go to school he went for short periods of time. When Abe grew up he ran for president. He lost the first time but he tried again and won. Lincoln was president for five years and then he got shot in the head in a theater by John Booth. Abe was the sixteenth president of the United States.


Once when I was outside I saw a pretty butterfly. I also saw a rainbow. The birds were singing a pretty song and I was happy. That's peace to me. If people could be like animals the world would be a much better place.

I also like to sit around a fire and keep warm. That's what peace is. Peace to me is the poor getting money, animals not getting killed, that's peace to me.

My Teddy Bear Stuffy

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lizzie. She had a teddy named Stuffy. One magical Christmas Eve Stuffy came to life. He was lucky because he got to see Santa Claus. But I was also lucky. My bear asked Santa to give me extra presents. It was so cool. I got ten extra presents. So we decided to take a trip to the North Pole. We got out of our sled and we were off. We finally got there. Santa gave Stuffy ten jars of honey. We were off again! That morning they had Stuffy's favorite breakfast, eggs and toast.


Jack -O-Lantern
Shines so bright
So scary at first
During the night
But when morning comes
The light is so bright
It scares the darkness away.

Things I Like

I like rainbows
I like trees
I like flowers
And yellow bumble bees
But most of all
I like me!