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Dana created this in Kid Pix Studio

The Omega

Once upon a time there was a pack of wolves. In this pack there was a wolf that was very weak. All the other wolves always picked on him. A wolf that always gets picked on is called an omega. The omega got mad and couldn't put up with the wolves. He left the pack. He wanted to make a new pack but couldn't find a lone wolf. A hunter spotted the lone wolf and took him home and raised him. As the wolf grew up he followed him everywhere. Then when the wolf was full grown he was a beautiful dog.

Our Whale Unit

My most touching moment was when I saw a whale video and a humpback whale put his flipper in a lady's hand. My saddest moment was when I saw dolphins getting caught in tuna nets. My best book was "The Whale's Song." It was about a girl named Lilly. Her grandmother told Lilly to give a gift to the whales. So that's what Lilly did. That night she went to the water. Then she heard the whales call her name. My best movie was our last video. I don't remember the name but I know it was our last. From this day on I will always remember the whale week in Mrs. Silverman's class. From the first day we started whales I've been thinking if the whales were ever calling my name.


The first thing you need to be able to do this project is a flashlight. Then you need wax paper, and a screen. When I did this project I made a bull and a rabbit. When I put wax paper over the flashlight my shadows became fuzzy. When I took the wax paper off of the flashlight my shadows became clear and sharp.

This is how I made a rabbit. I made a circle with my first two fingers, and I put my next two fingers up to make the ears. I tried to wiggle the ears.

This is how I made a bull. I put my pointer finger and my pinky straight across. Then I took my middle finger, my ring finger, and my thumb and formed them into a circle. Then I took my other hand and took my pointer finger and my middle finger and used them as legs.



Peace is watching birds making nests, going diving to see all of the fish,and listening to peaceful music. I think sharks are peaceful. Martin Luther King was a man of peace. He didn't believe in violence. I know a beautiful and peaceful place. The place I usually dream of is nice, beautiful Cape Cod. Cape Cod is in Massachusetts. They have quiet days and quiet pools, and quiet hotels. That is what peace is to me.

How The Blue Shark Got His Name

Once upon a time there were hammerhead sharks filling the water. Then the hammerhead female shark was going to have a baby. But something was all wrong. She noticed her baby was not a hammerhead! It did not have the right head and looked very weird. She was upset and wanted to know what kind of shark it was. Soon she smelled a smell she never smelled before. It was a diver. She was so scared that she panicked and didn't know what to do. The diver saw the shark. The baby was blue. He never saw it before, but since it was blue he named it the blue shark. That is how the blue shark got his name.

My Favorite Stuffed Animal

Once on Christmas Eve I saw a big bag. I thought that it was all clothes, so I opened it last. But to my surprise it was a gigantic bear! I was so surprised. Then when I went to bed my bear came to life! It went downstairs to open his presents that Santa gave him! But when he was going down the stairs my dog woke up. She went over to Teddy and sniffed him. Then she knew Teddy was not a stranger so she went with Teddy to open her bone that she got! Then I got up and Teddy heard me. But when I saw Teddy I didn't yell or scream. I just opened my presents. Teddy and I hugged each other and lived happily after ever.

Grizzly Bear

The Grizzly Bear is a very, very big bear. It has fur, huge claws, and sharp teeth. They feed on berries, fish, roots, and insects. Grizzly bears do not want to harm people. If you aim a gun at one there is nothing that he can do. It could try to run but I doubt that it could get away. A bear is a mammal because it breathes air. Grizzly bears are slow and clumsy.

Siberian Tiger

Tigers are in trouble. They are on the endangered species list because people are killing them for their fur and because of habitat loss. I think tigers deserve to live like me and you. If I were president I would say "No animals should be on the endangered list." I would stand up for the tigers and every other animal on the endangered list. I care for the wild and I don't think their homes should be destroyed. I don't think there is any reason for an animal to be extinct.

Tigers have stripes claws, and sharp teeth. They feed on meat and grass. They have stripes and big ears. They drink from ponds and lakes. Tigers might look fierce but they don't want to harm people. Tigers are one of the biggest cats in the cat family.

Now think about it. Do you want to save animals? I do! So if you would like to save wildlife, join a club and become a member. Save the wildlife!


Today in class we did a science experiment. First we discussed solids, liquids, and gases. Then we put in water, glue, and mystery matter. Then we squished them together. After that we took out the mystery matter and it was all gooey. Then I washed my hands and I put it back in my plastic bag.

Peru Travel Brochure

The potatoes were discovered and were the first to grow in Peru. Peru has great views. In the Inca times the Inca had messengers and told the people when to go to war and stuff like that. So go to Peru and have a great time!

The Sly Slivering Snake Man

Once upon a time there lived a Peruvian person. And her son was very hungry. Then one day her mom made a candy snake and it was made out of a cookie. And after the boy thought it was done he opened the oven and Pop! Out of the oven came the candy snake man. "Come out!" said the boy. The parents saw and chased the candy snake. And they gave up and they had to sit down and rest. Then after they had their rest they chased him again. Then the candy snake had to rest so the people caught him and ate him up.