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A Lost Cat Searching For A Home

Once upon a time there lived a cat that was searching for a home. The first home he looked at was a mousehole. It was too small. The next one he saw was just right. So he looked at it and went in it. Then someone saw the cat and said that he would take good care of him.

My Pet Dog

My pet's name is Monte. He likes to play ball. His color is brown. I like my dog because he is nice. My dog likes to eat his dinner from the table. Then my dad tells him to go lay down. At night when I go to bed my dad tells my dog to come in the room to sleep with me.


Once upon a time there lived a robin and his name was Firebird. When he grew up he had a tail of gold. But the most dangerous thing about it was that the tail was made of fire. One day he told his friend Woody the woodpecker that he heard some bird poachers whispering to each other that they were coming to get them. But one bad thing happened to Firebird. He lost his power. Woody said, "We are in trouble!" What should we do? "I'm going to see if they are coming,"said Firebird. They were in big trouble. The poachers were coming. Finally Firebird got his power back. Firebird went and burned both of the poachers on the head. They lived happily ever after.

Our Whale Unit

I learned that the blue whale could weigh up to one hundred tons and it could be as long as one hundred feet. I liked all the movies Mrs. Silverman showed us. The best movie I saw was when Greenpeace tried to save the whales. We visited lots of whale sites on the Internet. The best site was Wyland's site. It was fun to see. We made whale dioramas. The people who worked with me were Billy and Andrew. Did you know that they killed whales for pet food and candle wax? I really liked learning about whales.

The Niño And The Giant

Once upon a time in Mexico there lived a niño. A niño is the Spanish word for little boy. The niño asked his padre if he could go outside to ride his burro. Padre means father in Spanish. His padre said,"OK, but be careful." The niño didn't know what careful meant so he just kept on going. Soon he met a giant. Now I know why my padre told me to be careful! Soon the giant ate him up! The next day the giant threw him up. The niño ran to his hacienda. Then he lived happily ever after.

My Dream

I always dream about being a hockey player like Wayne Gretsky and Mark Messier. One day I wish to win the playoffs game. To become a hockey player it will take a lot of practice. I wish I had a hockey rink in my house. If I did I could skate everyday. To be the best it will take a lot of practice. Maybe one day I will have more Stanley Cups then Wayne Gretsky.

Bat Research

I learned a lot about bats on my home computer today. I listened to a sound of a silver-haired bat catching a bug. They make a noise and it is called a feeding buzz. There are four different families of bats in the U.S. In those families there are many different species. Bats eat over 600 mosquitoes in just one hour. The smallest bat is the bumblebee bat. It weighs less than a penny.

Peru Travel Brochure

Peru has volcanoes and there are a lot of them. There are Andes mountains. Peru is a beautiful country. Peru has buildings made out of Inca stones.