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I like baby whales when they jump in the air. Mr. Silverman risked his life to video the whales. I liked when Mrs. Silverman petted the gray whale. I didn't like when they killed the whales. I was amazed, when on the video, the person touched the whale's flipper. I liked when the hump back whales jumped in the air. I learned from a book that whales use to walk on land.

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I want to be a scientist, because it seems like fun. You can make things out of chemicals. I've seen a science show called "Bill Nye the Science Guy." I've made some of the science projects. They're fun. The show educates you. I saw a volcanic episode. I saw another episode where there were earthquakes that made the tectonic plates go on top of each other. I watched an episode about the sun where they had solar powered lenses. The sunlight reflected off lenses and went into the building. I think that being a scientist is a good job because you can help people with new discoveries.

Bat Research

Bats are our friends. Many kinds of bats eat insects. Some bats are pollinators. We must protect bats because they help us with their droppings. These droppings help organisms live that are used in many products that we need.

Apple Week

Apple week was fun. We ate apple stuff. We had fun and are still having fun.