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Karin Ryon's Class
South Street School
Manorville, New York


We are a second and third grade special education class in South Manor, Long Island, New York.  This year we have been studying the oceans and rain forests of the world.  While we were studying the rain forests our librarian, Mrs. Gilmore, came across the cool website about bats.   She thought that it would be fun for us to contribute to it.
The class worked in groups of two or three and did some research on different rain forest bats.  All in all they had a great time.  Below is the information that they gathered plus pictures that they drew to go with their bats.  We hope you enjoy them!
Grey -Headed Flying Fox (Pteropus poliocephalus)

Grey Headed Flying Fox lives in the tropical forests of Australia.  He sleeps in a tree and eats at night time.  They suck the juice out of apples, figs, and other fruits.  They spit out the seeds and pulp.  They flying fox has black wings and eats fruit in the tree and doesn't bite people.  You can find him at night eating fruit.  This bat is not an endangered bat.

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by Brian W.

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by Christopher A.

The False Vampire Bat (Vamoyrum spectrum)

The false vampire bat lives in the tropical forests.  It eats insects, mice, and fruit.  The false vampire bat lives in caves.  It's body is about 5 inches long.  The wings are almost 3 feet from tip to tip.  It lives in hollow tree trunks.

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by Ashley S. and Andrew B.

The Gothic Bat (Lonchorhina aurita)

The Gothic bat eats grasshoppers.  It lives in the southern part of Mexico, Peru, Brazil and Trinidad.  It has long ears, is brown and is about 8 inches long.  The gothic bat lives in trees.  It is not an endangered species.

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by Steven C. and John R.

Frog Eating Bat (Trachops cirrhosus)

They live in tropical forests.  The fruit eating bats live in a country of southern Brazil and in Mexico.  They live in trees.  They eat frogs.  It has black wings.   IT'S AN ENDANGERED ANIMAL!

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by Stephanie M.

Frog Eating Bat

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by Stephanie M.

Frog Eating Bat

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by Lisa R.