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Barbara Evans' Class
Robeson School
Champaign, Illinois


The students in Mrs. Evans’ first grade have gone BATTY! They have turned their classroom into a BAT CAVE where dozens of BATS hang from the ceiling. There is even a BAT NURSERY for the PUPS. Two guest speakers taught us about BATS in Illinois and BATS in general. We learned a lot about BATS. Now we want to go to BAT for them and protect them. We hope you enjoy our stories, BAT-shaped poems, acrostic poems, reports and pictures.

Acrostic Poems

B ats live under bridges
A nd they can see very well.
T hey live in trees,
S leeping all day.

By Chase

B ats die because people kill them
A nd bats live under bridges.
T hey have night vision.
S ome bats live in the trees.

By Fashira

B ats live under bridges
A nd they live in mines.
T hey live in trees.
S ome bats live in the rain forest.

By Jake

B ats live in caves
A nd they live in trees.
T hey live under bridges.
S ome bats live in mines.

By Tierra

B ats are black.
A baby bat is pink.
T here are brown bats.
S ome bats are red.

By Jessica

B ats can fly
A nd use echolocation
T o find food.
S ome bats drink blood.

By Marquita


By Matt

Bats names are black flying foxes, red bats, ghost bats, butterfly bats, bumblebee bats, giant flying bats, flying foxes, and big-eared bats. I think ghost bats were named ghost bats since they are white. I think giant flying bats were named that because they are big. The horseshoe bat has a horseshoe shape on his face. I think butterfly bats got that name because they are fluffy and yellow. Bumblebee bats are really small. The sword-nosed bat has a sword on his nose. The little brown bat looks like a mouse. They look like they are not there in a cave. The spotted bat has big ears and black, white and blue spots. The big-eared bat has big ears.

Illustrated by Matt
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What Bats Eat
By Grace

Bats in Illinois eat insects. In the tropical rain forests, bats eat fruit. The vampire bat will make a little cut in your skin and drink only the blood that comes out. Vampire bats live in Mexico and South America. Some bats eat the inside of cacti. They live in Arizona and New Mexico.

Bats’ Body Parts & How They Use Them
By Sam

Bats are pretty much born for flying. The head of a bat sort of looks like a mini-dinosaur skull. Bats’ wings are made of skin. If a bat would stretch its wings far enough, its wings could be 3 or 4 times bigger than its body. Bats have finger bones in their wings. They can use them to catch food and bring it to their mouths. When a bat is born the mother bat will hang by her thumbs. Then the baby will come out other tail.

Where Bats Live
By Blake

Some bats live in Illinois. They live in the United States. Some bats live in Africa, Russia, Europe and Australia. They also live in Japan and India. Bats live in trees, caves, mines, and churches. They also live in schools and homes. Little brown bats live on Hackberry Court.

How Bats are Like People
By Amber

Bats are mammals and people are mammals. Bats and people have hair on their bodies. Baby bats drink milk from their moms. Baby bats are born, not hatched. Bats and people are warm-blooded. Bats have fingers, thumbs and feet. Bats have elbows, noses and teeth like people. Baby bats cry for food. Bats can live to be 20 years old. Some bats eat fruit and people eat fruit. Bats and people can see with their eyes. Bats can walk a little bit.

How Bats Help People
By Chrissy

Bats eat mosquitoes for us so we don’t get eaten alive. Mosquitoes carry diseases. Without bats, humans would have a terrible insect problem. Bats that eat fruit help to pollinate the plants. Without bats, these plants would have a serious problem. Some medicine is made from the spit of vampire bats.

By Krista

People thought that bats are blind because they are out in the night. But they are not blind. Bats can see. Some people are afraid of bats because they don’t know the facts. Some people think bats are birds because they fly. Bats are the only mammals that can fly. Bats are definitely not rodents.



Fly, wings
Cave, fruit, fur
Some bats eat blood.

By Teriona

Thumb, fingers
Bats are neat.
Guano is bat poop.

By Carly

Mines, bridges
Fly, sleep, hang
Bats hang upside down.

By Brandon

Fly, mammals
Wings, feet, fingers
Some bats eat fruit.

By Samantha


Bugs, insects
Feet, thumbs, brains
Bats have babies alive.

By Katie

Illustrated by Katie
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Bridges, caves
Brain, thumbs, wings
Their feet grab branches.

By Elzie

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The Bat
Written and Illustrated by Ethan

A bat woke up in the winter. He fell to the floor of the cave. He tried to fly back up, but he could not. So he tried to climb up the wall. But he could not climb up the wall. He was burning up his fat. He needed to eat. He snuck out of the cave. He caught a bug and another and another and ate them until he was full. He flew back up to the top of the cave.

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I Saw a Bat
By Brendan

I saw a bat. It was a Saturday. I was watching Nick at Night. Then I heard something. I looked outside. It was a bat. Then I got happy that I saw a bat. The bat said, "Hi!"

Bats Hibernate
Written and Illustrated by Emily

Bats hibernate in winter. They can die if they wake up in the winter. If somebody wakes a bat up, it might get a drink of water and go back to sleep. Sometimes a bat doesn’t go back to sleep. Then it might die because it will start shaking. That burns up all of its fat. The fat is supposed to feed them all winter. If it burns up all its fat, it will die. There isn’t any food for it in winter. This is a true story.

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