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Frances T. Young's Class
Ripley Primary School
Ripley, Tennessee

To get our project started we read Stellaluna and Creatures of the Night. We would like to thank our librarians Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Ellis for providing other bat books for us. In our study we read that bats can be found in almost every corner of the world. We did some online bat activities on how to build a bat house. We also did a bat word search puzzle, bat crossword puzzle, and online coloring. We hope that you will enjoy reading our bat facts and poems.


Picture by Isaac

 Bat Facts
By K. K.

A bat makes tiny squeaks as it flies in the dark. If it hears the squeaks bounce back, the bat knows something is in its way and flies around it. At rest time the bat hangs upside down by sharp claws on the hind feet. Bats, are strange, mice-like animals, with soft fur-covered bodies. Some bats eat bugs others eat fruit and drink animal blood.

Bat Facts
By Katelande and Jason

Learning about bats can be enjoyed in many different ways.

Did you know?

The smallest bat weighs less than a penny.
Bats have only one baby a year.
Bats are the only mammal that can fly.
Bats are considered nature’s best bug control.
Trees in Africa and South America depend on bats to spread their seeds.

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About Bats

By Shelby

Some bats live in caves. They hang upside down to go to sleep. Some are white, brown, and black. They have to find food to help take care of their babies.


By Tiffany and Eric

Although many kinds of bats live in tropical climates, all bats living in temperate areas must either hibernate or migrate  during cold weather. The body temperature of the bat falls rapidly and tends to approach the outside temperature when the bat is at rest.


Bat Facts

By Rocky

Bats have varying diets. Many of the small bats are useful to man since they feed on insects. Others eat fruits, small land vertebrates and even fish.


Picture By Charlie


About Bats

By Miranda

Some bats eat fruit and some don’t. Some bats eat animals, frogs, ants, and fish. All day bats hang upside down in a tree. In the evening, they will fly off and look for food to eat.

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I See Bats

By Wade

I see bats all the time
I think they’re really fine
I see them under trees
And under eaves.



By Dominique

Some bats look like rats
They squeal like rats and they peep
And fly like birds
And at daytime they sleep



By Clinton

Bats fly high in the night
They sleep low in the day
They look funny
They look wonderful
They hang upside down
Then they go out on the town.



By Kyle

Bats are pretty
Bats are nice
But it doesn’t matter if they are



By Tondalaya

Bats hang upside down.
Bats eat bugs and insects
Bats eat too too much
Bats don’t go to sleep.
They just swing by their feet



By Nicky

Bats eat bugs
They don’t hug
Some are nice
And some always fight
But no matter
They’re just creatures creatures of the night


A Bat Poem

By Isaac

 Bats are very nice
Some eat meat and some eat fruit
Don’t come in a bats cave
They might bite you
You will be in a maze


 Bat Poem

By Jeremiah

Bats are fitter critters of the night
They don’t like the light
They like the dark
Because they don’t fight.



By Tiffani

Bats bats everywhere
I went outside and they were there
They hang by their feet
And they do not hug or kiss
But one thing that they do is sleep like me



By Apollo

Bats are creatures of the night
They look like flying rats that’s ready to fight
They have sprouted their wings
And this is what I mean
Bats! Bats! are here to be seen