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Juanita Ward's Class
Ripley Primary School
Ripley, Tennessee



Our class has learned so many facts about different kinds of bats. Here are a few: Bats are not blind. They fly by reflected sound waves. It has been discovered that bats send out a supersonic cry of a pitch higher than the human ear can detect. Some bats fly hundreds of miles to hibernate in caves. If the cave is too warm, metabolism speeds up, stored fat is used and the bat starves to death. if the temperature falls below freezing, the bat will freeze while asleep. Bats have varying diets. Many small bats are useful to man because the feed on insects. Others eat fruits, small land vertebrates and even fish. Only the large South American vampire feeds on the blood of man or other large mammals



Bat Chats
By Nell and Kacey

The bat chats with a cat.
The bat said, "scat!"
And that was that.


Bat on a Mat
By Dontravius and Danny

The bat sat on the mat.
He saw a cat after a rat.
The bat ran to a hat that was on a bat.
And the hat was flat.


A Flat Bat
By: James and Chris

Have you ever seen a flat bat?
He lays on a mat.
He can chat with a cat on the mat.



The Brown Bat
By Brittney and Stephanie

The Vampire Bat
By Clyde and Chris


 The Flying Fox Bat
By Laporshe and Kari


Batman Bat
By Thomas and Jasmine


The Horseshoe Bat
By Michael and Frankie


Long Nosed Bat
By Varis and Jessica