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Jacqueline Helton's Class
Pocalla Springs Elementary
Sumter, South Carolina


My third grade students enjoyed working on the Bat project. The students learned a lot of interesting facts about bats and bat myths. They were shocked to learn that there were different types of bats. Here are samples of my third grade students' writing samples:


Bats live all over the world. Flying Fox bats are very big. Bumble Bee bats are small. Some bats migrate for the winter. Some bat sleep during the cold winter months.

By: J.J. M. and DeJahnee M.


Bats like to hang upside down. Bats have eight fingers and two thumbs like human beings. Not all bats use echolocation to find their prey. Fruit bats have small ears. Insect eating bats have long ears.

By: Dexter G.and Kimberly W.


Bats are Nocturnal and diurnal bats.
Bats come in different colors and sizes. Some bats' tails are covered with skin.

By: Samone H. and Stephen M.


Bats can fly like birds. There are many different kinds of bats. Bats use echolocation to find their food. Bats can see in the dark. Bats live in the caves. Bats are mammals like us. Bats like to hang upside down. Vampire Bats like to drink blood.

By: Lynnette P. and Daniel W.