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Stellaluna's Friends has been an exciting project for both the students and myself! We were able to incorporate many second grade learning objectives into this interdisciplinary unit that led to showcasing  student work on the Wide World Web. The class will be presenting Stellaluna's Friends' activities to their   families and community members at our school district's annual Fine Arts Festival in April. Students will have an opportunity to make oral presentations of writing selections featured on the web, make group PowerPoint presentations of the facts they learned about bats during the  project, sing the song they learned in music class, present the original  pictures scanned for our web page, and introduce our web page to all  present!

Our media specialist, Liz Hall, and I will be making a presentation to  the School Board regarding effective use of the Internet in elementary  classrooms. Stellaluna's Friends will be highlighted as one of the BEST  for promoting student learning! The project objectives outlined by   Susan Silverman and the web links made this a teacher-friendly Internet project that ensured success for ALL students in the classroom! Thanks

Judy Christiansen, Harlan, Iowa

Our second grade has enjoyed learning about bats. There were so many myths about bats that we discovered weren't true. One of our favorite activities was reading other participant pages and writing to them to share our information, and to show our appreciation for their hard work. Getting students to write was so easy when I said, "Tell me what you learned about bats today." Thanks to Mrs. Silverman for doing all the hard work of posting everyone's information. Super job!

Susan Nixon, Cartwright School, Phoenix, AZ

This is the best project I have participated in. My students (First Graders) are still looking up information on the web and having a great time discussing with each other what they have learned. Most of our creative writing now is on "BATS". Thanks again. Looking forward for another project.

Juanita Ward, Ripley Primary School, Ripley, Tn

Being involved in this bat project has been a wonderful learning experience for the first grade students in our class. They truly enjoyed learning and writing about bats. The children continue to bring things to share in class about bats. To see their work displayed on the website is very rewarding for all. Parents have been very proud to see what the children have accomplished.  Thanks for this opportunity, Susan!

Connie Martinson, Naches Trail Elementary, Tacoma, Washington

I think the project was great!! Our students really learned a lot and enjoyed themselves. I was asked to speak at a Board of Education meeting for our school district a couple of weeks ago because I have got 5 of our 7 teachers involved in on-line projects in the past month. One of the projects I highlighted was the Stellaluna project. Everyone was impressed!
Thanks for a wonderful project that managed to bring students and educators around the world together to learn!

Tammy Bushey, Secretary, Washington Elementary School, Escanaba, MI

Wonderful Bat Project!! My second grade students had fun learning about this unique and helpful animal. We enjoyed the on-line activities about bats. We especially enjoyed reading pages of other participants in this project. Our school Prinicipal, Assistant Principal, and teachers were impressed. Thank you Mrs. Silverman for such a "fantastic" web site.

Frances Young, Ripley Primary School, Ripley, TN

As part of the Teaching, Technology and Learning Academy I attended last summer, I need to share my tecnology projects, favorite web sites, and through action research, show that technology does have a positive impact on student learning. I plan to showcase Stellaluna's Friends and projects next August when the Academy reconvenes for a week. There will be a panel discussion/presentation next week at the Technology In Education Conference. I am to be part of that panel discussion and hopefully I can also talk about what you have done to promote technology learning and opportunities for primary students. After experiencing the enthusiasm and high interest of my second graders with the bat project, I can attest to the effectiveness of this type of an activity. Thank you for providing this service for those of us just really getting started. Your efforts not only help students learn, but also their teachers.

Roxie Ahlbrecht, Robert Frost Elementary School, Sioux Falls, SD

Stellaluna's Friends was a terrific internet project for the my first grade. It was a wonderful vehicle for introducing my students to the resources on the internet. We learned a great deal about bats, writing, and doing research. They were so proud when our class' page was posted. Thank you for this opportunity. Please continue to develop projects for primary classrooms.

Barb Evans, Robeson School, Champaign, IL

This is to let you know how much we enjoyed participating in your project! Last week I finally had a chance to bring the class in and show them the Stellaluna pages on the big screen. They were captivated for almost an hour reading other pages and marveling how good their work looked on the computer. It was the last thing they did before spring break and many of them wanted to stay after school and read some more! They were so proud of how much they had learned about bats.

Bonnie Katzman, Van Brunt Elem/Middle School

The bat project was a great success. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to
participate in this project. This was an introduction to the Internet for my
class and it was a wonderful way to be able to give them a reason to use the
Internet in a purposeful way. The children got great enjoyment from looking up
information on other sites and then from reading what other children had
written. It also gave them the opportunity to learn to use the scanner and to
interview a bat expert on the conference phone. The children and I learnt a lot
about bats, especially our own New Zealand bats. Importantly they were able to
revise their opinions of bats and dispel many myths. I am looking forward to
your next project.

Sue Watson, Te Puru School, RD5 Thames, New Zealand

What a very informative and exciting opportunity for our local children to have their work seen and appreciated by the world. I too have learnt lots and look forward to the next project.
Jan Smith, Hikutaia, New Zealand.