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Becky Hick's Class
May Green Elementary
Cape Girardeau, Missouri


Our second grade class has been studying about the brown bat because brown bats live in Fort D, a Civil War site across the road from our school. In the spring and summer, we can see the bats flying over the school eating the insects attracted by our lighting. So please take a look at our bat quiz, bat poetry and bat pictures. We enjoyed doing our research and we hope you enjoy our results.

Bat Quiz

Are brown bats bird or mammals?
Bats are mammals because they have the same body parts as us.
They also have a brain.


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What do brown bats eat?
Brown bats eat bugs.


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How many insects can a bat eat in one evening?
Bats are terrific hunters. A little brown bat can catch 150 mosquitoes in 15 minutes. The gray bat can gobble 3000 insects in one night. Bats help get rid of insects that bite people. Bats also zap moths,beetles and grasshoppers.


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If you ate like a bat, how many peanut & butter jelly sandwiches would you have to eat every day?
You would have to eat 125 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.


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Do all bats eat insects?
No, all bats don't eat insects. Some bats eat fruit.


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What is echolocation?
Bats are good hunters. They hear better than us. Brown bats use echolocation to find insects. They send out a high sound that bounces back to them when it hits an insect. The bat then knows which way to go to catch that insect.


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True or False
Bats want to get into people's hair.

False. The bats are just trying to catch bugs.


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What is a baby bat called?
They are called pups.


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What do baby bats eat?
They drink the milk from their mom.


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True or False
Bat's wings are actually their hands.

Bats fly with their hands. The bones in their wings are the same as in our hands. The hooked claws are their thumbs. Like your skin, bat wings can heal if punctured. Bat's often will wrap their wings around themselves as they hang up for good day's sleep.


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How do bats sleep?
They hang downwards clinging to the rafters with their feet.


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Do bats hibernate?
Brown bats hibernate in mines and caves for the winter.


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How do people cause hibernating bats to die?
They walk into a cave and wake it up so it will have to fly away. That will take away a month's energy.


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Are there really vampire bats?
Yes, vampire bats drink blood, but from pigs, cows and chickens. It will bite them when the animal is sleeping.


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Why are many bats endangered?
Years ago there were many bats. Some caves had millions of them. Caves have been filled in. Some have been turned into tunnels for cars.


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How are bats helpful to people?
They eat insects that cause damage to crops and trees.


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What can you do to help bats?
You can build a bat house for bats. You can stay away from their caves.


Bat Poetry

Brown bat
Sweet insect
Bats in the dark
in the night
because bats eat insects.

by Isaiah

Brown, black
Funny, nice, helpful
Little, big, scary, pretty

by Jennifer

Bats are cool!
Bats are great!
Bats are very, very late!

by Brittany

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by Michelle


Bats are cool
Bats eat
Fruit and insects.

by Bobby

To look
For bugs.

by Terelle

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by Dominique

Bats are scary
But don't be scared
They want to be your friend

by Michelle


Eat bugs
Drink blood
From chickens, cows and pigs.

by Sena

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by Tony

Vampire bats
Drink blood
Flying out at night
From pigs, chickens, and cows.

by Dustin

Eat bugs.
They sleep down.
They fly.

by Dominique

At night
Hangs upside down
Eats bugs

by Antonio

Are cool
Their skin's smooth
They fly at night
But not when its sunlight
When the bugs come out
They start to shout
When they're out

by Dontay

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by Nacole

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

They eat bugs
At night
In the sky
So they can eat bugs.

by Nacole

Bats are flying in the sky.
They make contact with the bugs.
The bugs do not know that until they look back
and get eaten by the bat.
The bat sent little sounds and a bug sends it back
so that's how bats eat and live.
Mother bats eat some bugs and come back to feed her babies.
So when the girl bats grow up
the same thing happens again.

by Chase

Bats fly at night.
They like to eat insects.
Some bats eat fruit.
Some are vampire bats.
They drink pig, horses and cows blood.
They do not drink people's blood
Some get mosquitoes out of here.

by Tony


Bats, bats
Just like that
A bat I meet like that
A bat

That bat is a bat
I just love bats, bats!
Oh, how much I love them
I love them
I can't say
I don't like them anyway.
I cannot say
All I can say is
Bat Jamboree.

Oh come bat
Tiny and fat
Oh how I love
Bats, Bats, Bats

Oh bat like I said
I can't say
No or OK
I say
Bat Jamboree

Jamboree Bats
Oh bats, bats
Just like that
And like I say

B-B...stands for
Just like that.

by Chasidy