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Cherrol McGhee's Class
Hillview State School
Queensland, Australia


Australian Bats

The Grey-Headed Flying Fox

The grey-headed flying fox is a friut bat that is found in Queensland in Australia. The grey-headed flying fox lives in colonies of up to 50 000. They like fruit like figs. It has a head like a dog. It has big eyes. Its body is covered in grey fur and it has a collar of bright orange around its neck. It has a big wing span of 120 centimetres. It has no tail.

Tanya Year 3

A Fruit Bat

Black orange grey,
I fly like an aeroplane.
Big enormous wings,
I fly far far away.
Big juicy fruit
For my food.
Big scary eagles,
I don't like.
They eat me!

David Year 2

The Little Bent Wing Bat

The little bent wing bat lives in Australia in caves with up to 100 000 other bats. It does not need light to get its food. It uses echoes to find insects. They are completely quiet when searching. They have big ears and a big nose with a good smell.
Their colours are black and brown. They are very small. When their wings are folded they will fit into the palm of your hand. One time we found one on our tennis court.

Bonnie Year 3


The Little Red Flying Fox is a part of the bat family and the flying fox family. It has a little pointed face with large red round eyes like a red kelpie pup. Its wings are pale in flight. It has no tail. It lives in Australia. Flying foxes live in camps of as many as 250 000.
They live around S.E Queensland. The Little Red Flying Fox eats native blossoms and figs. The Little Red Flying Fox's young are carried around by their mothers while still tiny, clinging on to the fur. Later they are left behind in a camp.

Casey Year 2 and Jodie Year 3

The Ghost Bat


Some people call the ghost bat a False Vampire Bat. Bats are the only flying mammals. Ghost Bats are the only carnivorous bats in Australia and the second most carnivorous bat in the world.


The Ghost Bat has a pale death-like face and has large leathery wings. It is a greyish colour.


They live in caves amongst a store of bones and old wings. They have been living in Australia for about four million years.


The beat of it's wing membranes make a spine chilling sound as it approaches it's prey. They eat rats, mice, frogs, lizards, birds, small mammals and smaller bats like the little bent wing. They carry their food into their roosting place. It is sometimes called the False Vampire Bat because it is originally thought to suck the blood out of it's prey, instead of chewing it up.It envelopes it's prey with the membranes wings, then kills it by biting it on the neck and on the head.


Ghost bats always need a special warm cave to give birth to their young. They need to be kept in a warm places like caves well away from the rain. When they are born they mostly stay in the cave. They huddle together to keep warm. If the bats are disturbed they get their babies and fly away.

Jodie Year 2

What am I?

I can fly I come out at night.
I live in Australia.
I sleep at day.
I eat insects.
I can live deep in forest.
I can fly at night into houses.
I am dark brown.

I am a little bent wing bat.

David Year 2

What am I?

I am a cute kind of mammal.
I live in Queensland, Australia.
My wings are grey and my fur is yellowy gold.
I am very small with a pointed head and big eyes.
I have a long tongue.
I like nectar.

I am the Queensland Blossom Bat.

Michael Year 2

What am I ?

My fur is reddish brown. I fly at night. When I fly my wings are pale
I live in camps with as many as 250000 other bats.
I am the cutest of all bats.
People love me very much.
I am very little.

I am the little red flying fox.

Bradley Year 2.

What am I?

I live in Australia.
I eat fruit.
I sleep during the day.
I am big.
I can fly.
I am black.

I am the black headed flying fox.

Kelly Year 2