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Lisa Shrader's Class
Henagar Jr. High (K-8)
Henagar, Alabama


We are a first grade class from a small school in North Alabama.  In October, we read the book Stellaluna and began a study of bats.  We used the Stellaluna CD Rom on our classroom computer, read many other books about bats, looked in the encyclopedia for bat facts, wrote poems about bats, and drew bats.  We ended the unit by having a bat party with cookies and "bat punch."  Each student had a surprise in their punch.   There were flies in the ice cubes!  (Plastic ones!)  Stellaluna might not have liked them, but some of our bat friends would have.  Below are some interesting facts we discovered about bats.
Some insect eating bats can catch as many as 3,000 insects in a single night.
Hannah E.

Sometimes millions of bats live together in a cave.  When roosting, their bodies are packed together like sardines.
Brad L.

A few bats are meat eaters.  They dine on fish, frogs, mice, and birds.
Derek S.

Fishing bats use echolocation to find their meals.   They send out signals to detect small ripples where fish are feeding.

For the first few weeks of their lives, baby bats live on their mother's milk.
Charity V.

In China, people are not afraid of bats.  They think that seeing a bat is good luck.
Crystal C.

Bats help get rid of insects that bite people.  When they eat grasshoppers, moths, and beetles, this helps the farmers.
Justin E.

Unlike bird wings which are made of feathers bats' wings are made of skin!
Audra A.

The largest bat in the world weighs about 2 pounds and has a wing span of 6 feet.
Carter H.

There are about 1,000 different kinds of bats in the world.   The largest is the Samoan Flying Fox.  The smallest is the Bumblebee Bat.

Vampire bats feed on sleeping animals usually cows or horses.

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Acrostic Poems

B ats fly,
A nd bats eat fish.
T hey also eat insects.
S ome eat fruit.

by Brad

B ats eat mosquitos,
A nd they eat fish.
T hey also drink animal blood.
S o they are really harmless.

by Derek

B ats eat fruit.
A nd they are good.
T hey also eat insects.
S o be nice to bats!

by Carter

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B ats eat fish.
A nd insects.
T hey eat fruit.
S o they are not mean.

by Charity

B ats are black
A nd some are brown.
T here are some that are grey.
S ome eat fruit.

by Brett

B ats are grey,
A nd some eat fish.
T hey can fly.
S ome eat insects.

by Laura

B ats are good.
A nd they are not mean.
T hey fly in the night.
S ome are different colors.

by Sarah

Bat Cinquains


drink blood
live in caves
hang upside down

by Tyler O.


not mean
eat bugs and fruit
eat fish

by Tiffany


eat fruit
big and small
not mean

by Taylor


eat insects
some eat fish
not mean

by Bethany

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black bat
bats are not mean
ear fruit

by Randi


eat fruit
drink blook
not mean

by Traci


not mean
hang by their feet
eat insects

by Crystal


eat bugs
live in attics
not mean

by Clay

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