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Peggy Savage Dunn's Class
Central Elementary School
Okemos, Michigan


Mrs. Dunn's 21 second graders had a great time learning all about bats. We visited all the sites and did the games and crossword puzzles and word finds and everything! We had Kim, from the Michigan Bat Conservancy Organization, come and tell us about Michigan bats. She even brought three of her bat pals. When we heard their sad stories and how they cried when they were injured, we became immediate and official F.O. B.s(Friends of Bats). It's been a wonderful learning experience.
Here are our reports telling everything we learned about bats, and then a few reports done as "extra credit" by some students who extended their own learning with extra research.

 Things About Bats
By Allie K.

Bats live almost anywhere. Bats live in both very hot and very cold places. Bats live in nice and warm places near the Equator. They live in tropics and rain forests. Bats live in caves, trees, old buildings, under bridges, mines, and bat houses. Bats eat ripe fruit, nectar, meat, fish, blood and insects. Bats help people by eating insects, eating root worms and spreading seeds. The vampire bat helps scientists. People say many myths about bats. Here are some: Bats are blind. They get caught in your hair. Bats are flying mice. Bats are dirty and carry rabies. Other mammals fly like bats. Vampire bats don’t drink humans’ blood. Bats are worthless animals. Here are some facts about bats: They’re the only are different from birds because birds lay eggs. Bats are born alive. We can help bats by not disturbing bats where they live, staying out of their home and leaving them alone. The largest bat has over a six foot wing span. There are almost 1000 species of bats. Three are considered vampires. Bats have only one baby a year. The two categories for bats are megabats and microbats. A bat’s wing is very close in structure to a human hand. We should try to understand bats a little more.


By Anna Z.

 Bats live in almost every part of the world. Some bats live in trees. Some live in caves. Bats eat fruit, nectar and fish. Bats can help people by eating mosquitoes in your backyard. Bats also plant trees by dropping seeds from the fruit they eat. Some people say bats are blind but that is a myth because bats can see very well. People also say bats land in your hair. That is a myth, too. Bats are the only flying mammals. Bats are born live, birds are not. You can help bats by making a bat house and mind your own business. The smallest bat is the Bumblebee bat and it is as big as a jellybean. The biggest bat is the Flying Fox bat. Bats are afraid of people and that is why some people are hurting bats but you should not be scared of bats. Bats are good to us and some people do not know that. Bats are very unique.

Bats Are Neat!
by Beckie N

Bats live in some neighborhoods, tropics and rainforests. Bats have all kinds of homes. Their homes are trees, caves, old buildings, under bridges, mines and bat houses. Bats eat fruit, nectar, meat, fish, blood and insects. Bats help us by eating mosquitoes. Every summer bats eat root worms. Some people think all bats are vampire bats. Bats are not blind, many can see very well. Bats help control the insect population. You can help bats by putting up a bat house. I learned more about bats. I told my family and friends what I knew about bats. So you do that too!


Bats Are Interesting
Carrie B

Some people believe that bats fly into people’s hair but they don’t. Some people think that bats are birds but they aren’t. They are mammals just like us. People think that vampire bats drink people’s blood. That’s why people are afraid of vampire bats. That’s why people kill vampire bats and all kinds of bats. The only kind of bat in Michigan is close to the smallest bat. And if you put up a bat house you’ll get 100 bats in your bat house. Also, if you put your bat house in spring or summer they’ll eat all your insects and they’ll eat 600 Mosquitoes! I like bats because they’re interesting.

The Vampire Bat
By Allie K

The vampire bat is dark brown. The vampire bat is small. The vampire bat lives in the Costa Rica. The vampire bat does not drink human’s blood. No one should be afraid of vampire bats. The vampire bat only drinks animals’ blood; animals like horses, cows, pigs and chickens. Common vampire bats are seen most often. There are two kinds of vampire bats that are not common--the hairy legged vampire bat and the white winged bat. The vampire bat is not scary.

Vampire Bats
By Anna Z

There are three different kinds of vampire bats One is the White- winged bat; another one is the hairy legged bat. Those are the common ones. They are different colors. They can weigh 15 to 50 grams. They live in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and the islands of Margarita and Trinidad, off the cost of Venezuela. I want people to know that this bat just goes around at night and takes a tiny bit of blood from an animal and the animal is still alive afterwards. They don’t eat people blood. I chose this bat because I think what it does at night is interesting.   

Bats Are All Good
By Rebekah B

Bats live in places that are very, very hot or really cold; nice and warm "tropics" and "rain forests". They have trees, caves, buildings, bridges, mines and bat houses to live in. Fruit, nectar and meat are a few things bats eat. They also eat mosquitoes, which save crops from danger. Bats are not blind. Bats are not flying mice either. There are two different kinds called micro and mega. Some people think bats are birds. They are not. Bats are mammals; birds are not. Bats are endangered animals. Some people step on bats because they think all bats are vampire bats. That is not true. There are tons of different kinds of bats. They are all good.

The Mexican Free-Tailed Bat
By Rebekah B

This bat is the size of a fox tail. It has black on its back and white on its stomach. It has a little tail. Most bats don’t have tails. They live in South Western United States. A lot live in Texas. I want people to know that these bats can eat 200 tons of bugs in one night. I also want people to know that most bats don’t live in caves the whole year. This one does. I chose this bat because not too many people know about this bat. It is a very interesting bat.


Bats are Cool!
By Jack L

Bats live all over the world except Antarctica. There are almost 1000 species of bats. A bat can live in a cave, a tree and a bat house. Bats do not suck people’s blood. A bat is a mammal. Bats do not like when people pull out their wings. A bat’s body helps it live. Some bats use echolocation. It is several months before a baby bat can fly and hunt. Bats have only 1 baby a year. Most bats eat insects. Bats are timid. A bat is not a flying mouse. Bats will not fly into your hair. Bats sleep up side down. Without bats we would not have Chicle plants for chewing gum. A bat is the only mammal that can fly. Bats do not ‘’carry’’ rabies, even though about one half of one percent get sick and die from this disease each year. Bats plant trees with their poop. Bats are very important wherever they live!


Vampire bats
by Jack L

Vampire bats are brown. They are really small. Vampire bats do not live in the United Sates. It lives in Central America. Vampire bats do NOT drink people’s blood. Vampire bats throw-up in each other’s body. Vampire bats come out at midnight to suck blood. Vampire bats drink chickens’, horses’ and pigs’ blood. They only drink a teaspoon of blood. Vampire bats live in a cave. I think Vampire bats are cool.


All About Bats
by Janet C

Bats live in the very, very hot island or really cold island. Bats’ homes are in trees or buildings. Bats’ food is nectar, fruit, and blood. Bats are helpful to people. Always people think bats are blind. Bats and birds are different.
The fact is bats are very helpful. Bats are wild animals. Besides...mice can’t fly! I think I learned about many BATS!

Bats Are Nice Not Mean
By Jeff S.

Bats can be found almost in every part of the world except where it is very, very hot. They live in trees, caves, buildings, bridges, mines and bat house. They eat bugs, blood and fruit. Some bats help control the insects. Certain bats are helpful to farmers. Some people think bats are blind. And that they get in your hair. Bats do not get in your hair. And bats are not blind. Bats fly. Birds fly too. Bats help control the bugs. Certain bats are helpful to farmers. The vampire bat might help scientists. I like bats because they are neat.

The Night of All Nights
By Joseph M.

Some people think that bats are mean. But actually these are called myths. Myths are things that are not true; like bats flying into people’s hair. Most bats eat insects. Some bats eat fruit. Another bat only feeds from cows and chickens and stuff like that--NOT FROM PEOPLE’S BLOOD!! This is called the Vampire bat. It lives in Mexico. It is more scared of us than we are scared of them. Here is a reason you should not hurt a bat. One little brown bat can eat 6000 misquitoes in one night. The flying fox has a wing span of six feet. The flying fox lives in Australia. It is the biggest bat and the biggest flying mammal. I have learned so much about bats that I need to know more.


Helping Bats
by Jonathan K

Bats live on almost every part of the earth, except the places where it is too hot or cold. One bat can eat up to about 200 dozens of bugs in a night! There are many ways we can help bats too. We can put up bat houses for bats and don't kill bugs that are usually out of our houses. Some people think bats fly into your hair, but that’s a myth. Bats are nocturnal animals; that means they hunt at night. People don’t need to be scared of bats because most bats are small. I think people should like bats because they are very helpful.

from Joshua K

Most people think that all bats are vampire bats. One kind of bat is the fruit bat. The fruit bat eats fruit not insets. I know one bat can eat 1000 insets in one hour. If you see a bat do not hit it; you will hurt it. The vampire bats do not drink people’s blood. They drink animals’ blood.
I think bats are good friends.


I Like Learning About Bats
From Josue’ R

Bats live in states like Florida and Texas. They eat fish from the water. If a bat is in your house, open the window instead of killing it. Bats help people because the bats eat mosquitoes so you won’t have to get bit by them. When bats open their mouth, that’s called Echolocation. Echolocation helps bats to not bump in to stuff but if bats don’t use echolocation they might bump into stuff and they might die. This lady had real bats. They were cute and we got to pet them.

By Karley H

Bats live on all Continents except Antarctica. They live in caves, trees, and under bridges. They eat fruit, nectar, meat, fish, blood, and insects. Some bats help to control the insect population. Certain bats are helpful to farmers. Many bats spread seeds for new plants and trees. The vampire bats might help scientists. Bats are good to people. And bats are helpful to people. Bats hang on trees. Bats fly up in the sky. Bats eat food. Bats are different because bats have larger fingers than birds do. How I can help bats is by not killing any kinds of bats and by not disturbing bats where they live. Stay out of their homes. Leave them alone!

You Should Care For Bats
By Mary C

Bats can be found in almost every part of the world except where it is very hot or cold. Bats live in caves or trees. Bats eat fruit, nectar and pollen. When bats eat food they drop poop and they plant and they and grow trees. Some bats help kill insects. A single little brown bat can eat over 600 Mosquitoes in just one hour! Bats are not blind; they can see 3 times better then we can!! Are all bats vampire bats?? No!! Bats see better than people can. Bats are the only mammals that can fly. Bats and birds are different because bats sleep in the day, and birds sleep at night. You can help bats by making bat houses so bats don’t die so easily. You can help bats by telling others not to kill them. So they can tell others. You can also help bats by telling others to make bat houses so they have a nice place to live. I hope  now you care for bats.

by Matt G

Bats can be found in almost every part of the world; very, very hot places and very cold places. Bats live in caves and trees. They eat fruits, nectar, meat and other things. Bats also help people by eating your mosquitoes and by spreading your seeds. Some say bats are blind but they aren’t. They get in your hair, some people say, but they don’t. Although bats fly, they are still mammals. A bat has no feathers and it has fur or hair. A bat has live babies because a bat is a mammal. The babies nurse from their moms. Bats are not birds. The difference is one is a mammal, one is a bird. You can help bats by learning about them, tell people what you all ready know and help your family become members of bat conservation international.

By Robbie E

Bats live all over the world; in hot or cold places. They live under bridges, in trees or in caves. They eat fruit and nectar, meat and fish too and insects. Two ways they help people are because they spread nectar to make flowers grow and eat insects. People say that bats like to fly into people’s hair. Also people say that all bats are vampires. But those are both myths. The smallest bats are called micro bats, the biggest are called mega bats. Bats are mammals. We can help bats. If one comes in, open a door. Bats are really cool creatures.


Bats Are Cool
By Sarah S

Bats live in nice and warm places like the "tropics" and the "rain forest". Bats live under brigdes; they also live in trees. Bats eat fruit; bats also eat fish and insects too. Bats help people by eating mosquitoes. A little brown bat can eat 600 mosquitoes in an hour. Bats also drop seeds in the rainforest. It’s a myth that bats get in peoples hair and that bats are blind. Bats are mammals. Their baibies are born alive. Bats fly like birds but they are not. Bats are mammals because they have fur. You can help bats by building a bat house, tell friends or family about bats and tell your teacher what you learned. I like bats. I think they are cool.

Bats Are Interesting
By Tara R

Bats live in Antarctica. Some of them live in trees. They eat fish, nectar and blood. They help by eating bugs and not drinking people’s blood. People think bats are blind. People also think bats are flying mice. Bats are not blind. They are not flying mice either. Bats’ babies are born alive. Birds’ babies aren’t born alive. If a bat gets into your house let it out a window or a door and do not disturb it. If a bat gets in a building just do what you’re doing. I like researching bats.

Dont Kill Bats
by Rand C

 Bats live all over the world but not in hot and cold places. The bumblebee bat is the smallest bat in the world. Bats live in caves in trees and bat houses. Some bats eat fruit fish and insects and a free-tail bat eats 250 tons of bugs a night. Some people think that bats fly into your hare but it isn't true some people think vampire bats turn into vampires but that isn't either those are myths. If a bat comes into your house do not kill it just open an window and water until it flies out of your house so don't kill bats if they if they come into your house. Bats are nice so don't kill them.