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Thank you for visiting our site.  Please feel free to e-mail me your comments.
Susan Silverman


As a fellow educator, I must commend you on this outstanding website!! It is far and beyond the best website I have seen! The music is a beautiful touch. We recently built a new computer lab at our school. I will be sure to have the students visit this site as a wonderful example of the power of the internet. Thank you for sharing your poetry!
Mrs. Leeanne Dickinson
Highlands, New Jersey

Just had to write and tell you that you did a wonderful job on your website. The music was beautiful. I wanted  to leave my computer on and have it put me to sleep!!
I can't wait for my students to see it. Hopefully it will inspire the poets in my room!!
Gina Clark
El Mirage Elementary, El Mirage, AZ.

Hello, I just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful job. I am a 17 year old senior in Allentown, Pa and I only wish that my generation could've experienced the wonder that is the internet. This site is adorable and to all of you young writers keep at it! You've inspired me to start writing poetry again. Thanks!
Madelyn Simmons
William Allen High School, Allentown ,Pa

Well, I just visited the Pumpkin Patch and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit! I will definitely visit more often! Being from Missouri and going to school in Florida makes me miss autumn and all that the season entails. I wanted to say thank you to all of the participants in the
site, you've brought a little bit of home to me here in college. Also as a future teacher I wanted to thank you for the great ideas! I hope I can have as much fun with my students as your teachers seem to have with you all!
:O) Heather Garner
Southeastern College, Lakeland, Florida!

Hello Pumpkin Patch Participants,
I wanted to thank you for enriching my first graders understanding of poetry this fall through your examples of the various styles of writing poetry. I printed out some of the poems in large form for children to use as part of "reading the room." I also sent home Mrs. Silverman's web site as a continuation of learning about how schools from all over the world get together to share and learn from each other. Bookmarking this site is one of the highlights of what is GOOD about the Internet. Keep up the good work !
Regards - Greenie Greenberg, Francis W. Parker School, Chicago, Illinois

I was just playing around on my computer and somehow found your site. I teach second grade in Indiana. In third grade at the very beginning of the year the children take I-STEP PLUS. We are placing considerable emphasis on writing skills because they have to write to pass this test. The Pumpkin Patch gave me many ideas for writing prompts. Tomorrow we write pumpkin poems. Thanks a bunch.
M.M., Gary, Indiana

WOW! This is a terrific site. I think all of your pages and ideas are wonderful, Susan. I especially love the backgrounds and fantastic graphics which help to make your site so enjoyable. The music is pleasant but best of all is the wonderful and varied styles of poetry that so many have contributed. My second graders read some of the many poems on your pumpkin site and my boys and girls were so enthusiastic after seeing what other students could do. They wanted to try it. We had a great time writing our poetry. Next week we're going to try another style. Thank you Susan, and thanks to all of the poets who have contributed to your site. Keep up the good work and keep those poems coming.
Sharon Williams, Waterman Illinois

I came to your site because my daughter is one of the students in Mrs. Dennison's
2nd grade class in Flower Mound Elementary. It was an interesting way to see  my child's work in a medium that is so exciting. Thank you for sharing the opportunity of this website to other classes around the country. The poems and  pictures were so fun. This is one poem that I don't have to hang on my refrigerator! How exciting the Internet is for our children!
Thank you, Jonette Stewart

Thank you for sharing the poems, music and graphics with all of us. I had
my fourth graders read the poetry, write their own, and share with their
parents and the administration the poems they wrote. The music was nicely
done also.
Thank you Vivian Taylor Saco, Montana