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Mrs. Drogy's Class
Temple Elementary School
Temple, New Hampshire
Couplet Poetry


The Pumpkin and the Pearl

My pumpkin ran away with a pearl.
And the pearl went twirl,twirl,twirl.
Up in the sky 
Went my pumpkin pie.
So I made a cake
But it was a fake.
So I bought another pumpkin pie
And that one flew up in the sky.
I said to myself
I'll get an elf
To make my pumpkin pie.
This pie did not fly up in the sky.
So I took a bite
And it was just right.
So I said to myself
I'll keep the elf!

By Morgan
Pumpkin Pies    

Pumpkin bread and pumpkin pies,
Both of them attract flies.
Pumpkin pies taste so good,
I'm glad we have them for food.
Dinner, dinner, ho,ho,hum,
Pumpkin pies? YUM,YUM,YUM!
By Michael
Pumpkin Pie    

Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin pie.
I love pumpkin, my oh my! 
Pumpkin pie is very good.
I will share it with the neighborhood.
On Halloween there's pumpkins too.
And very scary things to do.
By Michael, Robbie, Matt and Seth
The Scary Pumpkin  
I'm as rotten
As cotton,
So you're doomed.
Come in my tomb.
I come around
Every greedy town.
I am a pumpkin
I'm doomed and shrunken!
By Cameron

The Pumpkin of Doom  

I had a pumpkin of Doom.
It shot a cannon, BOOM!
It shot it in the air,
So you better BEWARE!

By Gabriel

Pumpkin Ring        

Once there lived a king,
And he wore a pumpkin ring.
That day he lost his pumpkin ring.
He looked around and around for that thing.
And then he found it in a box.
And the box was full of socks.
By Stephanie
The Doomed Pumpkin

I'm a pumpkin round.
My name is Hound.
Inside me is a seed,
That grew like a weed.
A car was coming down the road.
It didn't know my secret code.
  By Dylan
Lumpkin Pumpkin     
Pumpkin pie has a fly
In the middle of her pie.
I went to sell the pie
Then Eric discovered the fly.
Eric said, "I don't care about the pie.
I'm going to gulp the fly!"
By Kourtney, Gabriel, Ian and Kaitlin
   Once there was a pumpkin
And his name was Lumpkin.
Lumpkin was a pumpkin pie.
And he went floating in the sky.
He saw another pumpkin pie.
And they were friends in the sky.
By Morgan, Stephanie, Dylan and Peter
   I had a pumpkin, it fell in the brook.
A fisherman caught it with his hook.
Then he brought it to his house,
Where he fed it to his mouse.
The mouse didn't like it very well,
So he said,"This is not swell."	
By Cody, Jack, Amanda and Cam