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Mrs. Silverman's Class
Clinton Avenue Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York
5 W's Poetry


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An electronic pumpkin
Went to the pool
At 1:00 AM
At the equator where Splish Splash is
Because he wanted to cool off.

by James, Kevin, & K.J.

A cute pumpkin
Went shopping
At the mall
On Monday morning
Because she didn't have clothes.

by Annaiz

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A silly pumpkin
Went to a ballgame
On Saturday afternoon
At the field
Because he liked baseball.

by Rebecca

A waterproof pumpkin
Went in the ocean
At 12:00 AM
Because he didn't want to fall apart.

by Amanda & Morgan

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A wild pumpkin
Ate a gooey thingie
At 4 o'clock in the morning
On planet Mars
Because it looked delicious.

by Matt, John, & Freddy

An ugly pumpkin
Went to a hockey game
Sunday morning at 2:30 AM
At Madison Square Garden
Because he was silly.

by   Alex & Kyle

An ugly pumpkin
Went to a soccer game
At 2:00 on Monday
In the bathroom
Because he had tickets for the game.

by Steven

A big fat pumpkin
Took up ten seats at a baseball game
On Sunday afternoon
At St. Anthony's field
Because he likes baseball games.

by Kaitlyn

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An intelligent pumpkin
Got books
At the library
At 4 AM in the afternoon
Because he wanted to get smarter.

by Alishia, Lea, &Alyssa

A lovely pumpkin
Went to the movies
In Mexico
At 3:00 AM
Because it was a scary movie.

by Charlayna, Priscilla, Kenda & Jamie

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The silly pumpkin
Went swimming
At 1:00 in the morning
In New Jersey at the lake
Because he was crazy

by Nicole

A hot pumpkin
Went to the pool
Monday morning
In Chicago
Because he went crazy

by Chris

We did a pumpkin math activity.  Each cooperative learning group had their own pumpkin to weigh, measure, predict seeds, count seeds, arrange seeds on paper, and post data on a chart. We had some extra help from our computer helper Jonathan, and Mrs. Silverman's daughter Rachel.

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