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Many thanks to Susan Silverman for all her hard work in developing this project. My second graders absolutely loved it.  It was a great way to kick off writing this year, and having  work published on the Web was an added bonus. We can't  wait to share our work with parents and spend time reading  other participants poems. We can't wait to join the next project!

Many Thanks,
Katie Winter
Westorchard School
Chappaqua, NY

Thanks a lot, Susan, for such a terrific way to start our year. I was pleased with the language-oral and written-that came from it. A couple really blew me away! We are going to post our poems on pumpkins on a Pumpkin Patch bulletin board, so that the we, others at school and our parents can see our work in 2 different venues. I appreciate all the work that you have done with this project and all the others on your site. (It is a regular stop for us!)

Debbie Rastin
Trafalgar School
London, Ont. Canada

This is my second year to do a project with Susan Silverman. This year my class could see last year's work. I think this gave them a better understanding that they too could be on the Internet. Thank you Susan for such wonderful work.

Becky Viator
Martin Elem.

My children really view themselves as poets now that they are "published." It gave me shivers to see the joy, excitement and pride in their little faces as they looked at their poems on the web for the first time this
afternoon. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity!

Pam Chartier
McBride School
St. Helens, Oregon

My class and I want to thank you for putting all the time and effort into this project. The children are so excited to know that their poems are published on the web. I photocopied the web page for them, so they could see it for themselves. We also have a bulletin board up displaying their poetry.

Thanks again,
Ronnie Modena and Class 2-303

This project was a very positive experience for my class.   The theme was appropriate for primary children.  They enjoyed the writing activities.  Publishing their work at your sight was very exciting.  They enjoyed reading the work that other classes had submitted.  The rest of the school was very excited to see and hear about our participation in this project.

Thank you from all of us at Corpus Christi School.
Cindy Carr

Thanks again for allowing my classroom to be part of one of your wonderful projects! The interdisciplinary approach through theme teaching has always intriqued me, but you excel in making it a wonderful experience for hundreds of children and their families.

My second graders were excited about writing pumpkin poems that would be showcased on an Internet web site when we started the project, but they really didn't understand what it was all about. Reality set in when they saw their own poems posted, read poetry written by other students, received e-mail messages from people that had read their poetry, and sent messages to other participants. What a marvelous experience to send an e-mail message to someone thousands of miles away and receive a personal answer!

You exemplify the best of our profession! The many hours you spend administering your projects is greatly appreciated by others, but I know your greatest joy is watching how it effects the learning taking place in your own classroom as your students become involved in each project.
My class is going to be visiting "Stellaluna's Friends" next week. They will be excited to read selections written by their friends that are now in third grade. I really appreciate having the opportunity to use the web site developed last year with another group of students.

Thanks again!
Judy Christiansen