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Ms. Sowa's Second Grade Class
Clinton Avenue Elementary
Port Jefferson Station, New York
Acrostic Poems


Please let us go pumpkin picking
Understand we LOVE pumpkin picking!
Many people love pumpkin pie and
Pumpkin pie is the best to eat on Halloween because
Kids love to eat pie!
In the fall we love to get our pumpkins and
Night is the best time to carve pumpkins with yourfriends!

By: Colin N.,Christian R.,Moises S.Thomas W.

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Pumpkins are fun to pick and
Until Halloween comes we will pick pumpkins
My favorite holiday is Halloween!
Pumpkin pie is fun to make and
Kids like to bake pumpkin seeds
I like to go to the pumpkin patch on Halloween
New pumpkins grow in the pumpkin patch

By: Celene C.,Justin G.,Sara M.,Gerard M.

Pumpkins are big and round
Usually pumpkins are hard and orange
My, we LOVE
Pumpkin pie! Some
Kinds of pumpkins are yellow
It is fun to go pumpkin picking
No pumpkin's shape is alike

By: Matthew B.,Amanda R,Daniel R., Katelyn R

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Pumpkins are spooky when you carve them. Put them
Under your bed until Halloween night
My pumpkin looks so scary! We like
Kick a pumpkin and make a mess
It's better to pick pumpkins and decorate them with
Noses that are BIG!

By: Ashley A., John D., Craig N., Aidan P.,Dana T.


Pumpkins are
Used for
Pumpkin pie. And
Kicking pumpkins make a mess
In the house...
Now we know not to do that!

By: Nicolas A., Nicole H., Christopher I.,Alanna S

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People like pumpkins because they are big and orange
Use a knife to carve a pumpkin. All
My friends like pumpkins
Pumpkins are good because you can make pumpkin pie. After Halloween
Keep the pumpkins because they're good to eat
I like pumpkins. They're
Nice and cute and orange and hard.

by: Cory A., Cory B., Genesis D., Marleny T.