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Debbie Nunneley's Class
Micklefield School
South Africa
5 W's Poems


Class Pumpkin Activities

1. A graph of which is the classes' favourite type of pumpkin
2. Pumpkin sums
3. Sequencing picture cards to show the way a pumpkin grows from  seed to final grown pumpkin
4. Planting pumpkin seeds and watching growth
5. Pumpkin poems learnt with actions
6. Write acrostic and 5Ws poetry
7. Seed art - outline of an animal or bird drawn and inside filled  with pumkin seeds
8. Made Paper Mache pumpkins

Our Poems
The fairy godmother
asked Cinderella
To get her a pumpkin
Because she wanted to make it into a carriage
For Cinderella to go to the palace so she could dance with the prince
On Saturday night.
(Written by: Sara-Jane, Vuyakazi, Rosemary M, Madeleine and Natalie

Ate pumpkin fritters with sugar and cinnamon
Because it tastes delicious
In a big, smart restaurant
At Saturday lunchtime.
(Written by: Melissa C, Melissa H, Emma, Georgia, Jessica S,  Nomahlubi and Jaime)
Farmer Macdonald
grows pumpkins
Because he likes to eat them
When they are ripe, for his dinner.
His wife makes pumpkin pie
In the big farm kitchen.
(Written by: Alice, Maike, Nabeela, Megan, Abulele, Kerry and  Kelly-Anne)

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Is growing
Up into the sky
Because Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater was going to eat him
On Monday morning.
(Written by: Jessica H, Nicolette, Janine, Khanyisile, Rosie and