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Mrs. Chartier's Class
McBride School, St.Helens, Oregon
5 W's Poetry


The pumpkin
Eats so much it gets fat
In the night
At the store
Because he is hungry

by Monica

The pumpkin
Is round and has a stem and is shiny
It grows in the fall
In a garden
So we have it for Halloween

by Coury

Patty the pumpkin
Went to the pumpkin patch
At six in the evening
The pumpkin patch was nearby
So she was able to walk there

by Hailey

The pumpkin
All day and night
In the pumpkin patch
To get a person who would pick him

by Angela

The pumpkin is nice
He is big and round
On Halloween
He is in Bradley's garden
So he can grow huge

by Bradley

Steven the pumpkin
Was a jack-o-lantern
When he was bigger
He was in a house
Because he had to get carved there

by Grant

The giant mutant pumpkin
Goes around slapping people in the face
At night
In New York
Because he wants to scare people on Halloween

by Evan

There once was a pumpkin named Jeff
He got up and scared people
At night
He likes to hang out in Chicago
Because there are lots of people to scare

by Jeff

The jack-o-lantern
Lights up
On Halloween night
In St. Helens
Because they put candles in it

by Emmaleah

Colleen the pumpkin
Went to pumpkin school
at 9:00 PM
On Guineas Street
Because her mom wanted her to

by Heidi

Katie the pumpkin
Went down the slide
On Halloween day
At the playground
Because it is fun

by Kiana

There once was a pumpkin named Pinochio
He likes to eat people
At night
In a haunted house
Because he likes the taste of little kids

by Colleen

The pumpkin
Can be eaten
On Halloween
At Jonathan's house
Because they eat the seeds

by Seth

My whole family
Picks pumpkins
On the 3rd of October
In Scappoose
For Halloween

by Cameron

My family
Went to the store
In St. Helens
To buy pumpkins

by Mayra

My dad
Carves a pumpkin
The night before Halloween
So he does not make a mess

by Damian

Frankie the pumpkin
Tries to ride his bike
Every morning
To school
He breaks his bike everytime because he is too fat

by Ryan G.

The big pumpkin
Was picked and carved by a nice family
On Halloween night
In Halloween town
Because they wanted a pumpkin to carve

by Shawna

Kyle the pumpkin
Got smashed
On Halloween
At Sam's house
To make a pumpkin pie

by Sam

Wopkins the pumpkin
Sat in a patch
Until someone picked him
He left his home
Because he had to grow to get picked

by Thomas

Kayla and Brenton
Are pumpkins
It is Halloween
They are on the porch
They have seeds inside them

by Kayla

The pumpkin
Is fat
He is nowhere
On Halloween
Because he eats candy

by Robbie

Taylor a cartoon pumpkin
Got smashed by Tazz
On Halloween
On Scary Street
So he could eat him

by Taylor

The pumpkin
Weighed two pounds
A week ago
It was at home lying on the table
Because I couldn't put it in my little locker

by Ryan E.