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Mrs. Jeanes' Class
West Hardin Elementary
Saratoga, Texas
Couplet Poems


I would rather be pumpkin pie,
Sweet with cinnamon,
Than be carved like a jack-o -lantern
With only one eye.

By: Tyler C.

Jack-o-lanterns may look mean.
Don t blow them out,
Cause you might hear a scream.
They are SPOOKY,
And they are KOOKY,
So you better WATCH OUT!!!
On Halloween.

By: Chris Z.

Pumkin pie, pumkin pie,
Yum, yum, yum.
The man came to my house
And gave us some pumpkin pie.

By: Christopher T.

On Halloween, we go trick-or-treating.
At the house, we carve a pumpkin.
When we go trick-or-treating, it is spooky.
So spooky, you will get goose bumps.
You might get spotted by the monster,
As you are fleeting.

By: Andrew T.

On Halloween you might just feel hairy,
Or you might be scared of a pumpkin.
You might be a real scary cat.
Jack-o -lantern s are scary.

By: Cody C.

At Halloween when I go to bed,
I dream about scary pumpkins.
When they scare me,
I get pictures in my head.

By: Brittany F.

The pumpkins are orange.
The pumpkins stink.
The pumpkins have seeds inside.
The pumpkins will change.

By: Chantal F.

Some pumpkins are funny and some are a sight.
They only come out on Halloeen night.
Their eyes and their noses are spooky and funny.
Sometimes they eat pizza and it is funny.
Sometimes they eat like zebras,
They get in a wheelchair at night,
And their asleep in the night.

By: Gwendolyn D.

The pumpkins are scary, on Halloween night.
You feel scared, on Halloween night.
Some pumpkins are small and very happy,
On Halloween night.
If you don t watch out,
You might get scared on Hallween night.
But if you don t drive on Halloween night,
You might get caught and get a bite.

By: Kassie W.

On halloween night,
If you see a jack o lantern,
And you blow it out.
You might get a fright.

By: Brandon H.

Some pumpkins are orange and some pumpkins grow
At school on Halloween.
Some are big and small.
Some can be scary when you carve them.
Then you put a candle in it
And it might say,

By: Emily M.

Some pumpkins are scary,
And some are nice.
But when they are scary,
You might get too frightened
And you might die in an old
house that s scary!

By: Allan J.

At the pumpkin patch you feel a scratch,
But t scratch at the pumpkin patch
Because they ll put you into the pumpkin pack.
Wa-ha-ha-ha-ha-hooooo, T SCRATCH!

By: Justin H.

Afternoons are for carving .
I carve the eyes, it is fun to carve.
I run to my grandma s.
When she calls me Marvin.

By: Dustin H.

Halloween is scary.
I like it pretty much because it is fun.
The best part I like is getting candy and scaring people.
So you better watch out,
Because on halloween night it s a little scary.

By: Philip P.

At night, on Halloween night,
We put down the pumpkin and light it up.
And when you turn off the lights,
You will be very scared
And you might get a fright.

By: Tiffany H.

I love pumpkins because they make me have a fright.
Jack-0 -lanterns look like monsters but they are not.
I look at them at night and they give me the shivers,
On halloween night.

By: Tyler M.

Jack-o -lanterns are scary,
You might see them at night.
You cannot go outside.
If you do go outside at night,
Be wary.

By: Whitney

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