Poetry Format Samples

Pumpkin Couplets
The last word of the first line and last line rhyme.

Ripe pumpkin, orange and round
So nice to get you
Off the ground!

Pumpkin Apology Poem

Dear Pumpkin,
I'm sorry that I
picked you off the vine
before you were really ripe
Please forgive me

Pumpkin Sensory Poem

I was walking in the pumpkin patch
When I saw a lovely vine (sight)
I heard a crow caw, (sound)
I could smell the pumpkin pie (smell)
I imagined eating a piece...yum! (taste)

Pumpkin  Phrase Poem

This form of poetry states an idea with a list of phrases.

Pumpkin Pies
yum, yum, yum,
chewing, munching
healthy, orange pumpkins

Pumpkin Cinquain

Pumpkin (one word)
Big, round (two words)
Orange, hard, fat (three words)
Yummy, delicious, fantastic, healthy (four words)
Pumpkins (one word)

Five W'S  Pumpkin Poetry

Each line in this type of poem answers one of the 5 W's (who? what? when? where? why?)

My sister
picks pumpkins
On Saturday
In the pumpkin patch
Because she wants a pumpkin pie

Diamond Pumpkin Poetry

When centered this poem will take the form of a diamond.

Pumpkins (one word)
round, ripe (two words)
seeds, flesh, skin (three words)
Pies, bread (two words)
Pumpkins(one word)

Acrostic Pumpkin  Poetry

An acrostic poem is one in which certain letters, often the first letter of every line, form a name or a theme.

Pumpkins are round.
Use them for cooking.
Mom makes the best pie.
People love pumpkin bread.
Kids love to pick them.
In the pumpkin patch.
Near my grandmother's house.

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