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Ms. Butler's Class
Dry Creek Elementary
Port Angeles, Washington
Assorted Poetry


Orange, big, small
Pumpkin pie cooking
Seeds are good to eat

By, Kayla

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The Very Fat Pumpkin
There once was a small pumpkin’
Who was smaller than a dumplin’.
He tried eating a lot,
And he looked in the mirror and he was a lot bigger than he thought.
But he was the same size,
When he closed his eyes.
When he opened them he was a huge pumpkin.

By, Molly


Once upon a time,
There was a big, fat pumpkin who was stuck on a vine.
He wanted to get away,
Because he wanted to play.
He wanted to drink lime.

By, Tamera

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An orange pumpkin landed on a dumplin’
The dumplin’ said, "Pardon me, Pumpkin."
"Happy Halloween to you."
"Happy Halloween to you too."
The pumpkin said, "Goodbye dumplin’!"
"Goodbye Pumpkin."

By, Monette

Squishy, Lumpy
Skating, Cooking, Playing
He fell off the porch

By, Brittany

There once lived a pumpkin
Who sat on a dumplin’
He was fatter than anything.
He got so fat he could not fit in the door.
But he ate so much he got fatter and then he got rude.

By, Kayla

There once was a pumpkin who was green,
Who lived in the biggest patch you’ve ever seen.
He wanted to be yellow,
Because he was a nice fellow.
And he wasn’t mean.

By, Mikaela

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Green, lumpy
Eating, playing, traveling
Rolling down a hill and crashing
Green Vegetable

By, Kyle M.

There once was a pumpkin as big as a pig,
He started to jig.
Then he put on a wig.
He stopped jigging and he started to bawl!

By, Devyn

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There once was a fat pumpkin, fatter than a pumpkin pie,
He cried when a fly died.
He buried the thing,
The poor thing.
But the fly played a lie.

By, Kodi


There once was a big, fat pumpkin that was born in Fall,
He liked to go to the mall.
He went to the store,
And he wanted more,
So he started to grow tall.

By, Emma

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There once was a fat pumpkin who lived on a vine,
He started to whine.
Because he did not have food,
It ruined his mood.
Then he got a little bit rude.

By, Samantha

Once there was a pumpkin who was so big,
It reminded me of a pig.
It was very rude,
Because it was in a bad mood.
He really is a pig and he is big.

By, A.J.

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A pumpkin sat on a bat.
A pumpkin sat on a cat.
The cat shrieked,
"Pumpkin, you are a freak!"
Now, the cat is flat.

By, Tye

Pumpkin, Wumpkin, Bumpkin,
I have a pumpkin.
I saw a pumpkin that bumped a log.
I saw a pumpkin and so did the dog.
It was a silly old pumpkin.

By, Stephanie

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I have a pumpkin that lives in space.
I have a pumpkin that has a scary face.
I have a pumpkin that tripped over a star.
I have a pumpkin that went to a bar.
I have a pumpkin that solved the case.

By, Scott

There was a fat, fat, fat, pig,
Who started to jig.
Then he saw a juicy pumpkin,
And he started munchin’,

And he got so ugly he had to wear a wig.

By, Joey

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Orange, round
Growing, sitting, making pie
You can make a pumpkin pie

By, Kyle P.

Orange, big
Growing, become Jack-o-lanterns
Pumpkins are very big
Pumpkin Pie

By, Abe

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The pumpkin rolled down a hill.
"Oh my!" he said, "What a thrill!"
It rolled too fast,
And then it crashed.
Then it got ill.

By, Garrett