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Miss Brown's Class
T. Demarest School
Old Tappan, New Jersey
Acrostic Poetry


Pick pumpkins in the Fall.
Use pumpkins to carve them.
My family loves pumpkin seeds.
Pumpkins are soft and hard and different
Kinds of pumpkins come in different sizes.
I like to light the pumpkins inside.
New pumpkins are best.

by Leah
Pumpkins smell good.
Usually pumpkins are orange.
My mom likes pumpkins.
Pumpkins are round and some
Kinds of pumpkins are plump.
I like pumpkin pie and
Near Thanksgiving time you’ll probably eat one!

by Jake
Pumpkins taste good, and
Usually pumpkins look good.
My mom likes pumpkins because
Pumpkins are round.
Kick the pumpkins to make a mess.
I like pumpkins.
Nice boys eat pumpkin pie!

by Rhys

Pumpkin pie is good.
Use pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns.
Money is a way to buy pumpkins.
Pumpkins are good and plump.
Kids like pumpkins.
I like pumpkins.
New pumpkins are the best.

by Stefan

Pumpkins are round.
Usually I carve pumpkins at Halloween time.
My mom has a pumpkin patch.
Pumpkins are good.
Kids like pumpkin pie.
I just like pumpkins.
Next year I will go pumpkin picking!

by Amanda

Picking pumpkins is fun.
Use pumpkins in Fall.
Mom makes good pumpkin pie.
People pick pumpkins, and different
Kinds of pumpkins are different sizes!
I love to pick pumpkins!
No one hates pumpkins!

by Michelle

Pumpkin picking is fun.
Unusual pumpkins are green.
Mother makes good pumpkin pie.
Pumpkins are good to eat.
Kicking pumpkins will make a mess.
I like making pumpkin pies, but
No pumpkin pie for me!

by Alexandra

Pumpkins are good.
Usually you pick them in the Fall.
My grandma makes pumpkin pie.
Pumpkins are usually round, and
Kids know pumpkins can be all different sizes.
I love pumpkins.
Now is the time to pick them!

by Corinne

People like pumpkin pies.
Use pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns,
My mom and my brother and me go pumpkin picking.
People make jack-o-lanterns, and
Keep them outside.
I like to pick out pumpkins.
New pumpkins are not rotten.

by Amanda

Pumpkins are bumpy but good,
Ucky pumpkins are rotten.
My mom makes pumpkin pie.
Put a candle in your jack-o-lantern.
Katie likes pumpkins.
I like to jack-o-lanterns.
Night is when you see jack-o-lanterns shine.

by LAB

Pumpkins smell good.
Usually people like to eat pumpkin pie.
Mimi likes pumpkins.
Pumpkins are good for you.
Kings like pumpkins.
I love pumpkins.
Neat pumpkins are good for you.

by Mimi

Pumpkins are plump.
Usually we pick pumpkins in the Fall.
Make a pumpkin pie.
Pumpkin pie is good.
Keep a pumpkin.
I’d better get a pumpkin, because I
Need a pumpkin!

by Frank

Pumpkins are good for you!
Usually people eat pumpkins as a pie.
My mom loves pumpkin pie.
Pumpkin seeds are good.
Kyle my neighbor loves pumpkins
In the fall they are here, but
Nobody in my family likes pumpkins.

by Danny
Pumpkins seeds are good if toasted.
Use pumpkins for pumpkin pie.
My mom likes pumpkins and lots of
People like pumpkins.
Kings like them too.
I love picking pumpkins.
Neat pumpkins are sweet and plump!

by Jordan

Put a candle in it.
Usually people like pumpkins.
My mom likes pumpkins and
People like to pick pumpkins, but please don’t
Kick the pumpkins.
I do not like pumpkins.
Not even pumpkin pie.

by Sal

Pumpkins I love very much.
Use for a pie.
Me and my sister take the seeds out of the pumpkins that are
Keeps them out side on the porch.
I make jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins.
Notice them at night.

by Evan

Pumpkins can be bumpy.
Usually pumpkins grow on vines.
My mom makes pumpkin pie.
Pumpkins taste good.
Kids like pumpkins.
I like pumpkins.
Now you should try one.

by Julia