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Mrs. Swanson's Second Grade Class
Robbinsdale Elementary School
Rapid City, South Dakota



Owls are cool. Owls are protective. I like owls. I have never seen an owl except for on the computer and in books. Owls are weird looking.  Owls look mean and angry too.
by Andy S.

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Owl’s Friend

One morning Owl gets out of bed. Jim calls owl. Owl gets dressed and goes over to Jim’s house. Jim is baking cookies for them. Jim asks Owl to go to supper at McDonalds. Then they come home and have cookies for dessert. Jim asks Owl to sleep over at his house.  Owl says, "yes, I will." So they go to bed.
by Olivia Z. and Andrea J.

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The Missing Baby Owls
by Will and Uriah

Once there were two owls. They flew away and got lost. They started crying for their mommy. Their mommy came back and found they were gone. She looked and looked and couldn’t find them. She looked in the last tree and there they were.

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by Amanda P.

An owl sleeps during the day. He wakes up at night. Some owls live in the trees. An owl says hoot-hoot.


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by Jared L.

Owls eat meat. Owls can fly. Burrowing owls live under ground. Owls protect themselves. They can turn their head around. Owls are cool.

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by Codie R.

Owls are cool.
Owls are neat.
Owls can fly.
And they have two feet.


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There was an Owl Named Red
By Jessica and Christina

Red went out to eat at night. He ate and ate and ate until he got too fat to go into his home. He flew away but was so fat he fell to the ground. He heard a noise and it was his friend there to help him up.  They decided to see if he could fit into his friend’s home, but he was too fat to fit. How fat was he? He weighed about 100 pounds! He tried to find another home, but was always to fat. Then he saw a store and decided to make it his home. He lived happily ever after with as much food and space as he needed.

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