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Mrs. Sosic's Kindergarten  Class
Moreland Hills Elementary
Pepper Pike, Ohio


"We found out that three owls live in our area of Ohio: the great horned owl, the barred owl, and the eastern screech owl. The barn owl is endangered in our area. Sometimes we may see a long-eared owl, a short-eared owl, or a sawhet owl. Maybe, just maybe, we might see a snowy owl.

We wanted to research all the owls that are most common in our area of Ohio. We each picked the owl we liked most and formed three groups. Learn about our owls here!"

Jake, Thomas, Jordan, Margot, Nick, Mitchell, Sam, Seth, Grace, and Sammy


Barred Owl

by Margot, Nick, and Jordan


The barred owl is the noisiest owl in America. It’s a medium-sized grayish-brown owl streaked with white on its chest. Its head is round. It has brown eyes and a yellow beak. It has a long tail. The female is larger than the male. It eats many different things, including frogs, chipmunks, opossums, lizards, snakes, mice, birds, and sometimes even fish, bats, and other owls! It lives in wooded areas. It lays 2 to 4 eggs which hatch in 23 to 32 days.

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Eastern Screech Owl

Mitchell, Seth, Sammy, Jake

The eastern screech owl is grayish-brown with a yellowish or greenish beak. It is a small owl, only 7 to 8 inches high. Its lives in eastern North America. It is similar to the western screech owl, but its markings are not as dark. It eats anything it can catch, including small rodents, small birds, small reptiles, and night- flying insects. The eastern screech owl makes nests in old woodpecker holes or tree cavities. It lays four to five eggs. In 26 to 28 days the eggs hatch. Only the babies actually make a screeching sound. They fly within four weeks.

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Great Horned Owl

Sam, Thomas, and Grace

The great horned owl is a big owl. Its ears look like horns or tigers ears and its face looks like a cat. It is sometimes called a tiger with wings. Like the tiger, it hunts in the night and kills its prey instantly. It is one of the strongest and most powerful owls. The great horned owl surprises and catches very large prey. It can swallow animals one third its size. It eats rodents, rabbits, even birds and other owls and skunks! The great horned owl is found in almost every part of North and South America. It lays two to three eggs in other large birds’ nests. When the babies crack out of their shells, their eyes are closed and they hardly have any feathers. Two to four days later they have short feathers called down. They do not open their eyes until they are about one week old. They fly in nine or ten weeks.

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