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Mrs. Silverman's Second Grade Class
Clinton Avenue Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York


Our class has been very busy learning about owls.  We read books, saw videos, visited websites, did the Owl Prowl online activities, dissected owl pellets,  wrote poems and skits, created illustrations and had an owl workshop in our classroom by Sweet Briar Nature Center. We sure did learn a lot about owls!

Owl Pellets

Today I went to Mr. Eaton's class to do a science project on owl pellets.  We had to open pellets and it was fun.   Then we had to take the bones and the fur out.  After that we saw what the owl ate by putting it together.  Mine was a rat.  And it was very hard gluing it together.


Owl Pellets

Today we went to Mr. Eaton's class to open owl pellets.  We were looking for fur, feathers and bones.  When we got back we glued our bones to oak tag.


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The Life Cycle of an Owl

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Owl Skits

All About Owls

Priscilla: Hi! My name is Priscilla. We are going to learn about owls.

Cheyenne: Hi! I am Cheyenne. Shhhh! There is an owl

Whooooo whooooooo whoooo

Aleisha: Let’s go into our friend’s barn.

Cheyenne: But before we do let’s learn about owls. There are 134 species of owls in the world. The Great Gray Owl is the biggest owl in the world.

Aleisha: The barn owl will chase any owl that comes in its barn.

Cheyenne: Ok, let’s go in the barn but do not make any noise because mother owl just had a baby and it may be sleeping. Hello mother owl, father owl, and little Rex. So what do you do for a living?

Rex: We do have very good eyes and ears so we can catch our food. We spit up the bones and hair. We owls have some enemies. One is the cat and the others are the fox and crow.


Nicole:  Hi!  My name is Nicole.

Alyssa:  Hi!  My name is Alyssa.

Alyssa & Nicole: And we are here to take you on an adventure.

Nicole:  So bring your flashlight.

Alyssa:  And bring your gear.

Alyssa & Nicole:   Let's go!

Alyssa & Nicole:  Now we are at a tree with our friend Hoot.

Hoot:  Would you like to know some facts about us?

Nicole:  Yes!

Hoot:  We have good eyesight and have good hearning.  We also spit out pellets.

Nicole:  Thank you

Alyssa & Nicole:   Thank you

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Sweet Briar Nature Centers Visits our Class

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Today we had real live owls come in our classroom.  I never knew that one of the owls was blind.  It was a screech owl and it was living in a tree in a backyard.  The people that were living in the house cut down the tree that the owl as living in.  Poor owl landed on his head.  the family was going to get it some help but they decided to keep the owl for a pet.  But they didn't know what to feed the owl.  They knew that it eats meat but what kind of meat?  So they gave it a piece of salami.  That almost made it die.  Well they brought the owl to a doctor .  The screech owl survived.   I'm glad it did.


Today we had live owls come into our classroom.  They took a little owl out at first.  That owl was blind because she fell on her head.  The hawk was small compared to the barred owl.   The barn owl was so noisy when they took her out.  The barn owl is a lot different then the other owls.  All of the owls have hollow bones because they have to fly fast.  The barred owl's eyes are big compared to the hawk's eyes.  The owl can't move it's eye. An owl has a big opening on the side of it's head.  Not all owls are nocturnal.  There are 162 species of owls.  Owls eat rodents.  All birds have feathers.  That's what makes a bird a bird.  The snowy owl lives in the tundra.  We saw 4 owls.  And that's what I learned today.


Today real live owls came to our class and I learned owls have bigger eyes then hawks.  Not all owls are nocturnal.  The barn owl was very noisy.  Owl bones are hollow.   And the screech owl was blind.  Owls have huge wings.  Owls have stiff feathers.  Owls can hear a little mouse 75 feet away.  And owls can hunt food without making a sound. 


Today live owls and a hawk came to my class.  There was an owl that was blind.  And there was a barn owl and a barred owl.  Also a screech owl that is the blind one.  A hawk's eyes are smaller than an owl's.  Owls hunt at night.   An owl has two slits for ears.  We compated the hawk and the owl.  We had so much fun with the owls and hawk.