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Mrs. Seligman's First Grade Class
Shasta Meadows Elementary School
Redding, California


Owl Questions

What do you call a baby owl when it is first born?
A baby owlet.
by Ronnie

How do owls hide?
They can hide in a tree.
by Jacob

Where do owls live?
Owls live in trees.
by Chauntel

How do owls fly through canyons?
They fly with their wings or they can glide.
by Rachel

How do owls find food?
They hunt.
by Ian

How do owls blend in?
Owls blend in from camoflouge.
by Jason

When do owls sleep?
Owls sleep in the day.
by Zach

What do owls eat?
Owls eat mice and rabbits. Sometimes they eat deer.
by Mason

How do owls climb?
They climb with their claws.
by Crystal

What kind of a place can an owl live besides a tree?
He lives in a hole on top of a building.
by Jonathan



Owl Gallery

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