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Karen Woodford & Elaine Esposito
Samuel Staples Elementary School
Easton, Connecticut

The Barred Owl


Mrs. Vidal's Third Grade Class

By Alexis S.  Elizabeth C.  and Zoe W.

Owls sleep and hunt all night,
Sometimes they even fight.
Owls eat field mice,
I bet some mice have lice. (oooooo!!!! Itch itch!!)
Owls do what they have to do
Owls have a saying: Who Cooks For You!!
Owl's heads turn round and round,
They look to the sky and look at the ground.
I love the way that owls sound!!

The Cool Owl

By Claire N. and Jessica M.
(Typed by Zoe W.)

Owls, owls are so cool
They always snooze in the day
If you wake them up they will go Who, who, who
Owls, owls everywhere
In the trees
In the air
They fly and fly in the sky

All About Owls
By Harrison and Ryan

Owls are a living bird,
They live in a tree,
They eat good food,
Without being a pest,
They turn their head around and around,
So they can see danger,
In the sky and on the ground.

By Michael L.

Owls sleep all day,
Owls fly by the bay,
Owls would just like to say,
Eat dead mice
Have it with rice,
It would be nice,
To eat dead mice,

Owls, Owls, Owls
By Jason K.

Owls, Owls, Owls.
Since owls are nocturnal creatures
They have many nocturnal features.
Owls, Owls, Owls.
Owls sleep during the day
But at night they hunt small animals,
Hey, hey, hey!
Owls, Owls, Owls.
Some owls are small and some owls are large
With four feet wingspans...
They're as big as a barge.
Owls, Owls, Owls.
Owls have good vision during the night
But their vision is poor when it is light
Owls, Owls, Owls.
Owls have sharp beaks and also sharp claws
And their legs can lift their prey right off their paws
Owls, Owls, Owls.
The owls are flying silently away.
Goodbye Owls,
Wave, wave, wave.


The Owl Song
By Marisa K. and Tory H.

Owls, owls everywhere
They fly and fly in the air
They play and playAll night long
And that is how they sing their song!
Who, Whooo!
Owls are great
Barred Owls don't migrate
Whooo, who
And that is all we have to say today
Bump-a-dee-bump... Who Whoooo!!


By Michael M.

Down by the bay,
The owls sleep all day
And at night they eat dead mice
With a slice of rice
Have you ever seen a owl
Eat dead mice?



An owl lay in a towel
The wise old owl howling.
The howl sounded like a scowl.
The wise old owl could say a vowel
Screech it right out, just like a fowl.
The wise old owl was very big and he growled.

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"Let's Talk About Owls"
By Meghan M. and Brittany S.

We are two girls in third grade from "SSES " ( Samuel StaplesElementary School ) The three best candidates for best owls in North America are the Barred Owl, the Screech Owl, and the Barn Owl. Screech Owls are the easiest to attract and most compatible. Do you know that the Barred owl sounds like a car about to have an accident (if you know what I mean)? If you would like to have the sounds of all the owls in the world you could buy CD's at your local nature store or at a bird store. And by the way, this subject is suitable for all ages, so you can teach your kids about owls. Owls are very good at seeing. If you saw a mouse and there was an owl in flight way above it, don't think it will get away from the owl. They are very fast when diving to catch prey. Did you know baby owls are called "owlets?"  Most Barred owls live in North America.

Here's a joke
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Owl who?

Owl Quiz
By Scott H. and Carl L.

1. Which animal annoys owls the most?

2.What animal is its enemy?

3.How long until baby owls can fly?

1. Crows
2. Great Horned Owl
3. 6-8 weeks

By Vinny F.

Owl at Day,
Owl at Night.
Owl please don't be afraid
to come out when in the light.
It's almost nesting season,
Your eggs are about to hatch.
Find your partner, you'll be a match.


The Barred Owl
By Zoe W.

At night you fly so gracefully
You have thoughts and wonders
That I shall never know
And yet you'll never be
A part of me

You stay out at night
You sleep only at day
How can I see you this way?

What is behind those keen eyes of yours?
What is behind the locked doors?


By Zoe W.

A cluster a chestnut brown appear
A screeching call, a symbol of fear
Ward the owl swoops overhead
And in his call this is what he said
Who Who-who who!
Who cooks for you?
Peaaaaanuts! Appears the owl June
Screeching to a certain tune




(Based on the Owl Cam web site, featuring June, the mother owl, Ward, the  father owl, and Peanuts, the baby owl.)

By NOBODY (Will H. and Chris W.)

Little owl Peanut wants some food.
Last year June was terribly sued.
We have no money
We have no food
It's okay 'cause Peanuts' the dude.
Father Ward comes home to teach Peanuts to hunt
Peanuts learns to hunt and fly with a grunt
Do we have any mice
Hiding in the woods?
Yes do oo whoo oo,
Now all is well.

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