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My students had so much fun learning about owls.  Their excitement was
increased with the expectation of seeing their work on the internet. 
This way they can share their knowledge with the world.
Tammy Anderson    
Westby School
Westby, Montana
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Owl Prowl has been an exciting, interdisciplinary web-based project for my students! It increased both their research and critical thinking skills as they learned about this unique bird. Sharing their work with others has definitely been a motivating factor in attaining accuracy of facts in their own writing.

Owl Prowl has also been an exemplary collaborative project as Mrs. Silverman encouraged participants to share activities and favorite web links with others. The students were truly the benefactors as they completed the online activities, word searches, research activities, and investigated the various web sites.

Hats off to Mrs. Silverman for again providing a unique technological learning experience for hundreds of students and teachers!

Thanks again!
Judy Christiansen

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This project has been both educational and enjoyable for the children in my room. They really enjoyed learning about owls and participating in the project was a rich and relevant experience. The online activities are super. Also, it is very motivating for the children publish their work at your wonderful sight. Participating in this project was a rich experience for me professionally. I’ve learned so much about using the internet effectively through my interactions with you. I also think that the teachers participating in this project are models of exemplary practice and it is very beneficial to read about the good things happening in their rooms. Thanks for coordinating such a rich and valuable project.

Cindy Carr, Corpus Christi School

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Participating in the Owl Prowl Project was a valuable experience for my third grade students. They used the owl links from the page to do their research about owls. It was an excellent way for young children to begin using the internet as a research tool in a very age-appropriate, safe format. As my students completed their studies, they used the information they had learned to write their papers about owls. They were very excited to see their finished work and photos from our classroom on the Owl Prowl page. This project fit perfectly into our "Research-Author-Publish" format. It was easy for me to manage their progress and we all had a clear goal as we proceeded through the project. My thanks to Mrs. Silverman for all her efforts on our behalf!  I look forward to participating in another project next year!

Jan White, Third Grade, C.B. Smith Primary School, Pekin, IL

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I want to thank you for the opportunity to join you and the other teachers in this internet project. It fit perfectly with the story, Owl Moon, in our anthology. It's a great site on owls and we will use it in the future as one of the sites to do our research. The online games, quiz,worksheets, acitivites, and links makes it an even more valuable site.  It was a wonderful way to motivate my class to research owls located in our area using the internet. They were so excited to see their drawings, reports, and stories on the internet. We feel fortunate to have been part of such a successful project. Hats of to Susan and to all the children and teachers that participated.

Nancy Schamber, Third Grade, Lincoln Elementary, Madison, SD

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This has been a wonderful project. My students really enjoyed learning about the owls. I'm so glad to have an opportunity to participate in a project like this. The children get to use, and be a part of the WWW. They are doing a "real" project that others will see and learn from. As the projects were placed on the pages we were able to see what other classes did. The boys and girls could read other children's facts. They also learn facts that they didn't know. What a great way to share what everyone has learned. We only have two second grades in our small school so we now begin to feel like a part of a larger community of students who can share their facts and ideas. Parents and grandparents can actually see what the children are working on. The Frosty Readers Project and the Owl Prowl Project have given me the inspiration to try an Internet project of my own. Thanks so much Susan for including so many teachers in this project. You are not only teaching students you are also teaching teachers and I for one am glad to be apart of your projects.

Sharon Williams, Waterman Elementary, Waterman, Illinois