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Mrs. DeSmet's Second Grade Class
Robbinsdale Elementary
Rapid City, South Dakota


What do owl feathers feel like?

They feel soft and fluffy.  If I closed my eyes and felt them I could easily mistake them for fur. Most owls have dark gray and brown marking   feathers. The colors provide good camouflage.

Brianna F.

How to owlets learn to fly?

Owls learn to fly with lots of practice. Parents encourage them by dangling a tasty meal at a distance. The first year of an owl’s life is  the most dangerous.

Lacie L.

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Do owls make noise when they fly?

Owls’ wings are well padded with soft, velvety feathers. The feathers
along the edge of the wing are fringed just like the teeth on a comb. These feathers help stop the flapping noises that most birds make when they fly.

William C.



Do owls come in different sizes?

Most owls are rather large birds. But some are no bigger than a  sparrow. Owls are very easy birds to identify. Owls are found everywhere on Earth, except in the polar regions.

Stephanie G.



What are the tufts on some owls’ heads?

The tufts on owls’ heads are like horns or ears. The tufts are special

Cole R.



Where do owls lay their eggs?

Owls lay their eggs in a hole in a tree, in a crack in a cliff, or in a slight hollow they scratch into the ground. Many owls move into an abandoned nest that some other bird built the year before.

Tell C.



Do all owls hoot?

Owls use lots of different calls to warn off unwelcome animals. Some
hoot, some whistle, and many have a call that sounds like a shrill laugh.

Jake K.



Can owls see in the daylight?

They see as well in the daylight as we do. They do not see nearby objects clearly. In fact day or night an owl can’t focus sharply on its own feet.

Cherilyn H.


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What do owls like to eat?

They will not eat any thing except meat. It depends on how big the owl
is and where it is hunting. A big owl that hunts in a meadow will eat mice or rabbits.

Seth K.



Why are owls’ eyes so big?

If the eyes in your head took up as much room as an owl’s each of your
eyes would be the size of a grapefruit. Owls can see much better in poor light than we can because of the size of their eyes.

Curt S.


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What are the rings around an owl’s eyes for?

The rings of curved feathers surround each of the owls eyes are called facial discs. The eye rings are important to the owl because they help in hearing. The feathers in the facial discs area attached to muscles that control the shape of the ears. Just as a dog moves its ears to hear better, an owl moves these rings of feathers to locate sounds.

Lucas L.



How does an owl show that it is upset?

It shoots up the two tuffs of feathers on it ‘s head. Also when owls are threatened the tuffs lay flat.

Curtis Talley

What do baby owls look like?

They have fluffy white feathers. They grow quick. They can eat more than an adult.

Ashlee P.

When do owls do their hunting?

Dusk is when most owls start their hunting. They usually hunt mice and
other small creatures.

Chris R.

How do owls use their toes?

Owls use their toes for perching, walking, grabbing, carrying. Owls
have a movable outer toe.

Tiffany S.