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Ms. Cobb's Second Grade Class
Clinton Avenue Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York


Letters to Sweet Briar Nature Center


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Dear Eric and Laura,

Thank you for coming to my class.  I had a blast.  I had so much fun.  I will come to your place.  Thank you again.   I learned that hawks go very fast and that they glide. I did not know there are so many owls.  My favorite owl was the barn owl.  I did not know that hawks make noise when they fly.  I think the whole class liked it.  I wish you can come back.  The noisest owl was the barn owl.  It sounded like someone was screaming.   I can't wait to come to your place to see more owls.


Dear Laura and Eric,

I liked the owl prowl.  I liked the barn owl the best.  The barn owl has lots of black spots.  It has a face like a monkey.   It has lots of colors.  It screeches when it is nervous.  It eats mice from the barns.  It screeches very loud.


Dear Laura and Eric,

Thank you for coming to our class.  I hope you come again.  I loved your owls and hawk.  I learned that all owls have white eggs and spotted owls eat flying squirrels, deer, mice and field mice.

Your friend,

Dear Laura and Eric,

I have learned  a lot about owls.  I like the barn owl.  It is pretty.  I would like to know where you work so I can visit the barn owl. I learned that owls spit up food they don't digest.  They are owl pellets.

Your friend,

Letters to Family and Friends

Dear Pecuchoe,
Owls are good because they eat mice.  They won't eat you.  They have babies.   They are white.  They can be brown.  Owls eat small animals.  They hunt at night.  The barn owl is 18 inches long.  The snowy owl is 20 inches.   They live in the Arctic.  They like to eat lemmings.

Adrienne A.

Dear Danielle,

Hi.  How are you?  I'm learning about owls in school.  They are pretty neat birds.  Did you know that they come out at night and their eyes glow?  They have four toes so they can stand on branches.   They swallow their prey and bones, feathers, and fur.  One time we had an owl in our yard.


Dear Clint,
I learned about owls.  They hunt, kill and eat small animals.  There are many different kinds of owls.  They have big eyes, thick feathers, and four toes.   All owls have white eggs.  Owls eat rats, mice, and rabbits.

Your friend,

Dear Dorian,
In our class we are learning about owls.  These are some facts I learned.  They are creatures of the night.  There are 134 species of owls in the world.  All owls have sharp hooked beaks.  They have a lot of feathers.  Owls are nocturnal.   Their eggs are light and round.  Owls eat weasels, rabbit, and mice.   Their pellets have fur, feathers, and bones.  Owls use their beaks to pick apart animals they eat.

Your cousin,

Dear Dad,
We are learning about owls.  When they eat something they are not supposed to they will caugh it up.  He will sleep all day and hunt all night.  They eat small animals like rats, mice and little owls.  Owls worst enemies are crows.  They weigh up to 27 grams.   My favorite owl is the snowy owl. Their color is brownish with spots.  The snowy is one of the biggest owls.  Owls are helpful creatures.  An owl is a bird of prey.  It hunts for and kills its food.  An owls has good eye sight so that it can see at night.  If you wanted to know more stay up late and take a flashlight and you may see its color.

Your daughter,

Dear Aunt Alice,
We are learning about owls.  These are some things we know about.  Owls fit in the food chain by eating the little rodents that aren't needed.  Pellets are things that they can't digest.  Pellets are balls of fur and feathers that contain bones and teeth of owl prey.  There are many different kinds of owls.  They hunt for food at night.


Dear Mom, Dad and Katy,
A raptor is a bird of prey.  They see well.  Raptors have sharp beaks.   They use their feet to catch their prey.  Birds of prey have four toes on each foot.  Birds of prey have huge eyes.  Raptors eat small animals.  Large owls eat rabbits.  An owll is a crow's worst enemy because owls like to eat them.   On Long Island there are many barn owls.


Dear Alex,
We are learning about owls.  Owls eat rodents.  Owls only come out at night.   Owls have long round heads.  They hear well.  Owls have big eyes and see straight ahead.

Your friend,


Dear Dad,
This is what I learned about owls.  They are awake at dusk.  There are 134 kinds of owls.  They have big eyes and weigh little.  They have loose fluffy feathers.   All owl eggs are white.


Dear Mom and Dad,

We are learning about owls.  I found out that snowy owls live in the Arctic.  They can fly high up in the sky.  They have wing span of 45-60 inches.  They lay 8 to 10 eggs on the ground.


New Owl Discoveries

My name is Sparkly.  My friend is Chocolate.  We like to play games.  We play baseball and football.   We like to play ball too.  We like to play checkers and chess.

by Dan

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This is pig owl.  It lives in mud.  It eats garbage and plays with mice.  It snacks on cans.

by Danielle

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The dog owl lives in the red woods.  He looks like a dog.  He has a tail ears like dog ears.  He is full of feathers.  His face and tail are furry.  He has brown feathers and golden fur.

by Michelle

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