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Mrs. Greer's Class
Thomasville Primary School
Thomasville, North Carolina
The Black Snowman
by Phil Mendez

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These are some stories and illustrations that we did after reading the story.  These stories are a continuation of the story as in what could have happened?

The Circle of Love

by Brittany

The fireman found the kente’ and put it in his pocket for his daughter. She put the kente’ on her doll and it came alive. Her doll came alive. She told the little girl what her life was all about and how important she was. She said, "Your life is more important than anything in this world." "It does not matter what color you are but what does matter is what is in your head and your heart." "Always love your Mom and Dad," the doll said. "When you have a lot of money you can have a lot of stuff but it does not make you happy."

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The Fireman and the Kente’

by Brandon P

A fireman named Michael had just put out a fire. On the ground he saw a piece of material. It was red, yellow, green and pink. He thought his daughter, Laura, might be able to use it. She loved making clothes for her baby doll.

He took it home and gave it to Laura. She went into her room to begin making doll clothes. Suddenly she heard a loud noise outside. She grabbed the cloth and ran outside.

A little boy named Jonathan was shooting a tree. The bullet had hit the tree and bounced back and hit him in his leg. Laura’s father ran to help. He told Laura to go call 911. She did not want to give up her piece of cloth but she knew it would help Jonathan. So she gave it to her Dad to put on Jonathan’s leg. Maybe the kente’ saved his life.


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The Fireman Took the Cloth

by Mark

The fireman took the cloth home and gave it to his daughter. She made clothes out of it. The clothes were for her baby dolls.

The kente’ cloth made the dolls come alive. One day the dolls saw a mouse and they were afraid of it.

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The New Snowman

by Nickalus

After the fireman gave the kente to his daughter she had an idea. The next night when it was snowing she went outside and made a new snowman. She used the kente’ cloth for a scarf.

She did not know about the magic of the kente’. She went back inside and went to bed. What do you think will happen next?

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The Kente’

by Stephanie

Once upon a time there was a fireman. He found a kente’ and he gave it to his daughter. She used it to make clothes for her dolls. When she made the clothes for her dolls they started to talk. The little girl yelled because she was afraid of her dolls.

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The Lucky Kente’

by Brandon C.

When leaving a fire the fireman spotted a dirty kente’. He balled it up and took it home to his daughter. She took one look at it and said it looked terrible. Her Dad told her it would look good after it was washed.

While it was washing her Dad told her the history of the kente’. It really touched her and she agreed to wear it herself. Later she told her friends the history of the cloth. Her friends wanted one too.

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The Magic Cloth

by Emily

One day Emily’s father came home from work and gave her a piece of cloth. He thought that she would like to play with it.

Emily loved to play dress up and play with her baby dolls. She thought the cloth was very pretty so she put it on one of her dolls. After a while she forgot about it. Suddenly she heard a little voice saying, "Come and play with me." Emily did not know where the voice was coming from but she knew that she was the only one in her room.

She looked around the room but she did not see anyone else but the voice kept talking. Then she noticed that it was her own doll. Emily picked up her doll and asked her how

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Noel’s Magic Christmas

by Shea

The daughter put the kente’ on her puppy Noel. When he saw it the fireman laughed. The dog laughed too. The fireman asked his daughter how the dog could talk. She told her Daddy that the cloth was magic.

Her Daddy said then ask Noel what the lucky winning lottery numbers are going to be. Noel told them 1, 10, 17, 9, 2, 6, and 23. The whole family went to Virginia to buy a lottery ticket with the numbers that Noel had given them.

That night they watched on TV to see if they had won the lottery. They had won 100 million dollars and they were so happy. They lived happily ever after.


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A photo of the snowmen we made with new kentes

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Photos of our mural

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We also expanded the topic of snow related ideas.  This is one example- we used our classroom door to make a unique graph about whether we thought it would snow this year.


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